Phillip Schofield hosts ITV’s This Morning and gives his health update. His croaky voice is a tribute to his health.


Holly Willoughby ridiculed her This Morning cohost’s voice change. Viewers took to Twitter after noting Phillip Schofield sounding croaky.

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Phillip Schofield discloses medical reasons for his “croaky” voice

Phillip Schofield, a This Morning host, admitted that he was feeling a bit under the weather as he hosted Monday’s show as usual.

Holly Willoughby made fun of her co-star on the first episode, commenting about his voice even before he spoke.

Phillip’s voice became very croaky and he didn’t sound well.

He maintained that he was perfectly healthy and had been tested positive for coronavirus. Then he revealed what was wrong.

Phillip explained to ITV viewers that he suffered from laryngitis while Holly remained by his side and he remained at the studio.

Lorraine Kelly turned to Phil and Holly to learn what was up. His voice was different than usual.

The show’s beginning was the moment when all of this was revealed, and viewers learned why he sound so hoarse.

Holly informed viewers that from the beginning of the show, Holly said: “Don’t panic, we haven’t changed his voice to protect his identity.”

Phillip laughed it off and said, ” “I’m fine,”Holly asked: “What’s going on with you?”

He explained: “I have been fully tested. I feel amazingly good, but I have a touch of laryngitis.”

Holly then commented: “So you’re just gonna sound kind of sexy actually? Sounds quite good doesn’t it!”

Phillip continued: “I just sound a little croaky today,”The act of putting on a deeper voice to say: “Anyway I feel fine, I’m just a bit croaky.”

Holly then screamed, “The show and its intro and theme song got a festive makeover.” “It’s Christmas!”

The hosts were astonished by the decorations, trees, and holly everywhere.

Holly couldn’t determine if it was controlled by someone or not.

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10am.

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