Photo of a pregnant mother in the aftermath after Ukrainian Hospital Bombing Gives birth


A pregnant mother is photographed in the rubble of a Ukrainian maternity hospital after giving birth.

Baby Veronika was pictured snuggling with her mom on a hospital gurney, and being cradled in her father’s arms for the first time.

After the attack on the hospital by missiles, the Russians began a smear campaign targeting the mom, a beauty blog, falsely accusing them of calling her a “crisis actor.”

However, growing concerns are rising that Russian invaders could use chemical weapons. According to Ukrainian officials, they captured gas masks as well as other equipment for biochemical warfare.

Friday’s harsh warning by President Joe Biden to Vladimir Putin prompted networks to interrupt regular programming.

“Russia would pay a severe price if they use chemical weapons,” Biden said.

The noose around Ukrainian cities is closing. Bombardment has decimated entire neighborhoods.

Mariupol is a city that is twice the size of Minneapolis. The desperate inhabitants are going to great lengths to find food and go to grocery stores.

Dramatic video captures Ukrainians fighting back during gun battles outside Kyiv.

Kharviv’s hospital corridors are a safe place for the injured to be treated. An 8-year-old boy had a piece of shrapnel removed from his skull. He’s expected back to normal.