Photo Of Camilla Parker Bowles’ Plane After Bird Strike Is Startling


Camilla Parker Bowles, Queen Consort, recently went on vacation. However, things ended up being quite stressful. A bird struck the plane on which she flew home, shocking the internet. 

The Queen Consort’s Relaxing Getaway

Bowles traveled last month to India to spend time at Soukya, an Indian holistic health center. This wasn’t her first visit to the center; Bowles started going in 2010 and has returned a handful of times over the years. 

According to the Times of IndiaWhile the queen consort sits at the center of the table, she receives “rejuvenation therapies,”Massages and meditation are just two examples. One theory is that Bowles wanted a relaxing vacation because of all the media scrutiny.

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With Prince Harry’s book announcement—his memoir, Spare, is due to hit shelves in January—and the new Charles, Diana, and Camilla-centered season of Netflix’s The Crown dropping this month, the royals are on everybody’s minds. The whole point of the trip seemed to be relaxation, but Bowles’ return trip definitely had the opposite effect. 

The Plane Was Seriously Hurt by A Bird

Bowles flew home to the United Kingdom aboard a British Airways flight. The plane was on its way to England when a bird flew in the nose. Although the plane was able safely to land, many were shocked by the extent of the damage. 

One photo of the plane shows a bloody nose and a smashed-in nose. The photo was commented by many people who were surprised that one bird could do so much damage. 

One Twitter user explained, “The nose is a reinforced polymer dome, that houses the radar system. The plastic is simply pushed in. Had it been aluminum, the structural spars would have bounced the bird with very little to no damage.”

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It’s assumed that this incident scared the queen consort. ExpressAccording to reports, Bowles “does not like flying.”Bowles’ royal duties require her to face this fear often, but one royal insider stated that Bowles can do so. “She sometimes has to embrace fear and get on with it.”The extent of the damage to Bowles’ plane as it flew home looks terrible. It was able safely land!

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