Piers Morgan blasts Harry and Meghan for fleecing’ Queen with police demand


Piers Morgan has once more attacked Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He accused them of using royal titles for personal gain. “fleece”The Queen.

According to the controversial broadcaster, the couple deliberately chose the wrong time. “pop their heads up”While the Queen deals with Prince Andrew’s legal battle and the loss her husband, Prince Philip.

He also said that he would take their royal titles away and that Prince Harry should be stripped of protection by the British police force.

Piers, making his first appearance as a UK breakfast TV host since Good Morning Britain’s exit, spoke with Sophie Raworth on Sunday Morning to discuss the newspaper headlines.

He started by saying: “It was absolutely chillingly inevitable that these two would pop their heads up again right when the Queen least wants them to.

Piers made a TV breakfast appearance

“I feel so sorry for the Queen right now – it’s her Platinum Jubilee coming!

“The timing of it is so appalling as well – she’s lost her husband, she’s got this awful situation with Andrew, and now her grandson, who has been baiting the Royal Family all year, has now popped up from his mansion in California to say that when he comes back to the UK, he wants to have the British police protect him.”

Piers snorted: “Well sorry mate, that’s not how this works!”

Attempting to remain neutral, Sophie offered: “But he’s offering to pay for it,” while Piers slammed: “I don’t give a damn!”

Piers Morgan has shared his sympathy for the Queen after a trying few years for the Monarch
He also shared his sympathies for the Queen

Sophie went on: “I know but just to be very clear, he’s not saying he wants the taxpayer to fund his security. He is saying he wants the British police to protect him while he is here and he’ll pay for it.”

Piers hit back: “Fine, why should the British police protect him? He’s now a private citizen – he doesn’t do any royal duties-“

Sophie interjected: “He’s high profile.”

He was furious at the royals

Piers said it all: “They’re making hundreds of millions of dollars fleecing their royal titles, which they still have, while simultaneously trashing the Royal Family and the institution of the monarchy that his grandmother is the head of.

“And now they want to have their cake and eat it as always, and say, ‘When we’re back in the country, we want to be treated like other royals’.

“You’re not other royals! In fact, I wouldn’t let them have the royal titles. I think there’s a brazen double standard – if you want to have the royal title, do royal duty like your grandmother, who is the pillar of royal duty.”

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