Piers Morgan is worried for the Queen, as he believes that injury is more serious than Palace’s claims.


Piers Morgan, a social media user, expressed concerns about the Queen’s health following a statement from the Queen that she would be unable to attend Remembrance Sunday services at the Cenotaph.

The Queen had previously planned to attend after taking time out of her Royal duties to rest and recover from health issues.

Buckingham Palace made a statement before the service and said: “The Queen, having sprained her back, has decided this morning with great regret that she will not be able to attend today’s Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph.

“Her Majesty is sorry she will not be able to attend the service.

The Queen was disappointed not to be able to attend the Remembrance Sunday Service
The Queen was disappointed that she could not attend the Remembrance Sunday Service

Piers Morgan, a broadcaster, took to social media following the announcement to voice his concern for Queen Elizabeth’s health. “there’s something we’re not being told.”

Piers tweeted an article headlined “The Queen won’t attend Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph, London, because she has sprained it’.

Then he posted it above: “There’s something we’re not being told about the Queen’s health, it’s clearly a more serious situation than the Palace is saying.”

Piers Morgan expressed his concerns for the Queen's health on social media
Piers Morgan expressed concern about the Queen’s health through social media

Piers continued the discussion in a follow-up post with the statement “Remember them, and Her Majesty, today at 11am.”

In his second tweet, he also shared an image of the Queen.

Piers has more than 7.9 millions followers on social media. Many took to Twitter for comments and to send their best wishes to the Queen.

One social media user commented: “There’s no way HM would miss the service today unless she was really poorly.

“Very sad, she’s given so much to this country, wishing HM a very speedy recovery.”

Another one: “She is such an iconic woman, her age being what it is, the loss of her beloved husband must be taking its toll.

“I wish her all the best. There may be something more serious, but we are told that health is a private matter. Let’s see if she speaks.”

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