Piers Morgan offers a touching tribute to his former teacher following the tragic death


Piers Morgan shares a moving tribute to his father, who died tragically. “legendary”Former teacher.

This TV journalist, who has been known for his harsh views on people such as Madonna and Meghan Markle, has shown a more sensitive side.

The 56-yearold told his 7.9million followers that his ex-journalist teacher had died.

The sad post was written by Tim Adler, author of the breaking news.

The message was: “Very sad news to be told that my shorthand teacher, the redoubtable June Beavers, passed away last night.

“Please RT any journos who were her former students.”

Piers Morgan paid tribute to his former journalism teacher
Piers Morgan paid tribute his former journalism teacher

Within minutes, the ex-Good Morning Britain broadcaster shared the announcement on Twitter and added his condolences.

He penned: “So sorry to hear this. Mrs Beavers, as we all called her, was a legendary figure so many journalism students like me at Harlow. A wonderful lady. RIP.”

Piers was a journalist before he became well-known. He studied at Harlow College, where he received his training, including a shorthand course that was accredited by the NCTJ.

Piers Morgan paid tribute to his former journalism teacher who tragic died recently
Piers Morgan paid tribute recently to his former teacher in journalism, who tragically passed away.

While shorthand is largely being replaced today by digital recording technology, Piers recognized the technique known simply as Teeline in 2018.

Star claims that he uses the skills he acquired in college to still make notes.

He stated: “I was taught Teeline at Harlow by the legendary June Beavers and it has always stood me in very good stead.

“Tape recorders are great until they don’t work, as I once discovered when I interviewed Rod Stewart for an hour and later could only hear my voice.

Piers Morgan still uses shorthand which he was taught in college
Piers Morgan still uses the shorthand he learned in college

“Having an ability to take fast contemporaneous handwritten notes as a backup to technology is invaluable.”

He recalled using Teeline while on his ITV morning show when a breaking news story came through live on air and he wanted to remember something important.

Piers confessed: “I’m not 100wpm as I was when I left Harlow, but I can still do OK.

“I’d urge every journalist to learn shorthand.”

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