Piers Morgan takes a new swipe at transgender swimmers “Threat to women’s sport”


Piers Morgan fired another shot at Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer. There are reports that she will be competing for a spot at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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Piers Morgan, a controversial television personality, has reacted to reports that Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer, could be competing for Team USA at this year’s Olympics. He insists she is a threat. ‘integrity of women’s sport’.

Thomas, University of Pennsylvania’s star freestyler, won the NCAA Division I national championship for the women’s 500-yard. Thomas now declares she will be competing for a spot at the Paris Olympics, despite previously stating she was aiming to participate in the 2024 Olympics trials.

She said Good Morning AmericaThat she was going to continue swimming, and adding: “It’s been a goal of mine to swim at Olympic trials for a very long time, and I would love to see that through.”

Since Thomas began receiving more media attention, the rise of Thomas is a hot topic. Through testosterone suppression and hormone therapy (HRT), she has seen success in losing strength and muscle.

Morgan is one of those who oppose Thomas’ eligibility to compete alongside women. He was especially frustrated at the suggestion of being on the Olympic squad for Games in two years.

“This cannot happen,”Morgan posted on Twitter. “She’d have never been anywhere near Olympic standard had she stayed competing as a man – which says it all about the threat she poses to the integrity of women’s sport.”

Transgender athletes have been at the forefront sporting discourse in recent weeks. Swimming is reportedly one of the sports currently in the process of altering its rules, and cycling is in a similar situation following the uproar regarding Emily Bridges’ attempt to compete as a woman earlier this year, which was rejected.

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Thomas has shared her story of how she was attracted to swimming early on in her life, but then struggled with gender dysfunction. This refers to a feeling uneasy with her birth sex. She insists that transgender women are welcome. ‘are not a threat to women’s sports’, but World Athletics president Sebastian Coe has suggested otherwise, claiming in March that ‘gender cannot trump biology’.

Even if she was cleared to take part in trials for the United States women’s swimming team ahead of the Paris Games, Thomas is no guarantee to qualify. Morgan, however, has declared that the prospect of Thomas qualifying for the Olympics is unfair to other Olympic hopefuls.

The 57-year-old has criticised Thomas in the past, comparing her to an athlete cheating using performance-enhancing drugs. Thomas has been accused of a variety of other things. ‘destroying women’s sport’.