Piers Morgan takes barbed swipe at Putin as he calls him a ‘snivelling, ruthless, bully’


Piers Morgan has bashed Vladimir Putin after Russia launched a “full-scape invasion” on Ukraine.

According to reports, Ukraine’s interior ministry has said they are already “hundreds of casualties” in what many are flagging could be the most disastrous European war since 1945.

The columnist Piers, 56, was quick to make his feelings about the Russian president clear in his comment section in Silver Screen Beat.

He penned: “Putin’s a bully; a vile, snivelling, mean, ruthless, heartless, humourless, narcissistic bully.

“And he’s always been a bully.”

Piers’s comments come a day after the Russian invasion of Ukraine had begun (February 24) and saw a series of explosions in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and many other Ukrainian regions.

Piers Morgan
Piers made his feelings about Putin clear

Putin also warned other countries that any attempt to interfere with the Russian action would lead to “consequences they have never seen”.

Piers recently took to Twitter where he continued to blast Putin and branded him as a “bully-boy thug”.

He tweeted: “Putin’s invaded Ukraine. This is an act of war by a bully-boy thug who doesn’t think the rest of the world has the guts or will to stop him. Shameful.”

Piers Morgan
“Putin’s a bully; a vile, snivelling, mean, ruthless, heartless, humourless, narcissistic bully.”

In his comment section, Piers branded the 69-year-old Russian leader as “soulless” following the horrific attacks.

He wrote: “Putin doesn’t have a soul, as his despicable actions this week have proved.”

The former Good Morning Britain compared Putin as being the next Hitler in his detailed commentary and calls for international world leaders to step up as “The time for words is over.”

Putin ordered Russian troops into Ukraine this week

Piers wraps up his lengthy comment by issuing for Putin to be punched in the face.

He penned: “It’s time to grow a pair, punch Putin in the face — and knock him out.”

Ukrainian President Zelensky says 137 Ukrainian citizens – both soldiers and civilians – died on Thursday.

UK and US announce fresh new sanctions on Russia including asset freezes on banks.

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