Piers Morgan takes cheeky swipe at pop icons to mark International Women’s Day


Piers Morgan has taken a cheeky swipe at several female pop icons including Beyonce, Ariana Grande and Cindy Crawford to mark International Women’s Day.

On Tuesday (March 8), the 56-year-old took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the celebratory day and it’s fair to say not everyone was thrilled with his response.

Initialy, the father-of-3 took a political position on the annual celebration. He shared an emotion tweet praiseing the millions of women who live in war-torn areas.

But it didn’t take long before the Britain’s Got Talent judge boasted about some of the incredibly talented women he has met throughout his career.

Piers Morgan took a cheeky swipe at several female pop icons on International Women's Day
Piers Morgan made a joke about several female pop stars on International Women’s Day

Piers first wrote: “On #InternationalWomensDay I suggest we all park the annual pointless virtue-signalling to one side and think of ways to actively help the millions of women in Afghanistan and Ukraine who we’ve abandoned to horrible fates in the past few months.”

His thought-provoking tweet quickly attracted many fans who flooded the comments section to express their opinion. Many also praised him for these comments.

Lizzie Cundy responded to the post with four emojis of appreciation, as she supported his comments on social media platforms.

Another user also agreed: “BLOODY WELL SAID [applause emoji]” as a third chimed in with: “Must not forget the women of Yemen and Palestine as well.”

The dad-of-three took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the celebration
The father-of-three shared his thoughts on the celebration via Twitter

Just hours later, the former Good Morning Britain star re-entered the social media platform to share the inspiring women with whom he had worked in the past.

The collage featured the broadcaster alongside Naomi Campbell, Serena Williams and Eva Longoria.

He captioned his snap: “On #internationalwomensday I’d like to congratulate all these fabulously beautiful and iconic women … on meeting me [three applause emojis].”

Fans noticed the broadcaster didn't include a picture of his wife
Fans noticed that the broadcaster didn’t include a photograph of his wife.

And some of his 1.8million followers were quick to snap back at the journalist’s post online with many noting he didn’t include a pictures with his female family members or former co-stars.

One user mentioned: “No susanna [eyes emoji]”As another note: “What about our lovely Susanna??”

Other users noticed that Celia Walden, his wife, was not present in the post. One user shared: “Um … don’t forget your lovely wife [shocked emoji],”As one star supporter, he chimed in with: “The wife not worthy of inclusion?”

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