Piers Morgan was’stunned by Derek Draper’ after he feared he would ‘never again hear him speak’


Piers Morgan revealed that he feared that he would. “never hear Derek speak again”After speaking on the telephone with Kate Garraway’s spouse last weekend.

Piers spoke to Derek Draper following a call from Kate, ahead of filming Life Stories episodes with the Good Morning Britain presenter.

Derek is still very ill following his nearly 20-month-old battle with Covid. Kate spoke out about the struggle in Finding Derek.

He was the UK’s longest-surviving Covid Inpatient, and was able return home in April. He continues to require round-the-clock nursing care.

Writing for the Daily MailPiers claimed that he was “stunned”Kate offered to call Derek during the last weekend’s phone call.

Piers Morgan 'stunned' by Derek Draper call after fear he'd 'never hear him speak again'
Piers spoke with Derek for the last time in 2019, after Kate returned from I’m A Celeb

“I just assumed he wouldn’t be capable of any kind of proper conversation, given his condition,”He wrote.

Derek was greeted with a smile. “it’s so good to talk to you”I was shocked to hear the clear response of “hello”.

Piers shared this with Derek: “It’s great to hear your voice again. Keep battling, Derek – we’re all so proud of you!”

Derek thanked Derek. “again, very clearly”Piers.

Piers Morgan 'stunned' by Derek Draper call after fear he'd 'never hear him speak again'
Derek was the longest-surviving Covid patient in the UK.

Piers, a former colleague at Good Morning Britain of Kate, described the chat in these words: “a strange, thrilling experience”.

He also said that this was his first conversation with Derek since the 2019 Christmas party.

Kate just returned from Australia where she was fourth in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me out Of Here! competition.

Derek was “bursting with pride”Piers said that his wife was happier than ever because the couple seemed happy. Derek’s disease struck four months later.

Piers Morgan 'stunned' by Derek Draper call after fear he'd 'never hear him speak again'
Piers and Kate will appear on Kate’s Life Stories on ITV on December 5.

Piers and Kate met last Monday to record Life Stories and talked about the touching phone conversation from the previous day.

Both men said they couldn’t believe what had happened and Kate shared that Derek’s caregiver had told them. “burst into tears” afterwards.

The program will air on ITV December 5.

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