Pilot, 22, Lands Plane in Italy’s Dolomites After Her Engine Fails


A pilot made an emergency landing in the snowy mountains of Italy and everyone onboard survived.

The 22-year-old pilot was flying over the Dolomites in the Trento province in the northern part of the country.

Her brother and his girlfriend were also onboard when, at about 9,000 feet in the air, the engine stalled in her Piper plane and the pilot realized she had to make an emergency landing, she told officials.

She set the plane down, landing on its belly, in between the snow-covered peaks of the unforgiving terrain of the mountains and called for emergency services.

Reports say no one was seriously injured and the damage to the plane is unknown but from the looks of it, the aircraft seemed to have remained intact after landing.

The pilot spoke to local media from the hospital and says despite the incident, she isn’t deterred from flying again and dreams of becoming a commercial airline pilot.

Staying calm in a scary situation will surely help her in her journey.  


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