Pippa Middleton’s Sister Kate is Not Her Only Connection to The Royal Family


Pippa MiddletonWhen she was a bridesmaid at the sister’s wedding, she made headlines. Kate’s 2011 royal wedding. While her sister is now a member the royal family, did you know that Middleton once had romantic royal connections?

Pippa’s Romantic Royal Connection

Rumours circulated in 2013 that Thomas Kingston was being dated by Middleton. Kingston wasn’t a royal at the time that the couple were spending time together. Like the Duchess and Cambridge, Kingston was married to Lady Gabriella Windsor, the 2019 royal couple. 

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Kingston and Middleton were photographed at Cheltenham Music Festival as they went out to dinner at Le Caprice, the fancy restaurant where Middleton was rumored to be in a relationship.

It’s unconfirmed if the two were ever in a relationship, but Middleton and Kingston appeared to have ended things amicably. The duo has been photographed together many times since their alleged breakup, and Kingston was even in attendance at Middleton’s 2017 wedding. 

Thomas Kingston: Who are you?

Kingston graduated from Bristol University with a degree in economic history before going on to work for the UK’s Foreign Office. Kingston spent three years in Baghdad working as a project officer at the Iraqi Institute of Peace. He helped to negotiate hostage release and mediate conflict. 

Kingston began his career in finance after leaving the Foreign Office as an equity analyst at a global asset management company. Kingston currently serves as director of Devonport Capital. 

Kingston’s wife, Gabriella, boasts an equally impressive resumé. She has degrees from Oxford University and Brown University. She is currently a freelance writer and board director at the Playing for Change Foundation (a music and arts non-profit). 

It’s unclear how or when Kingston and Lady Gabriella met, but the couple announced their engagement in 2018. They were married in the same year. He is not alone in his past relationship with Middleton. Kingston also once dated Natalie Hicks-Lobbecke, one of Prince William’s ex-girlfriends. 

Middleton’s Marriage To James Matthews

Kingston isn’t the only one who is now happily married. Middleton married hedge fund manager James Matthews in 2017, and the couple shares three children—Arthur, 4, Grace, 1, and Rose, 3 months. 

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The circles the royals and their friends spend time in are pretty small, so it makes sense that there’s so much overlap between Kingston, the Middleton sisters, and the rest of the royal family. Luckily, they’re all still friendly! 

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