Playboy’s first openly gay male cover model is Bretman rock


Bretman Rock, a TV personality, influencer, and YouTube star, has been the first gay man to grace Playboy’s cover.

He is wearing a bunny corset, stockings and black boots. Cuff links are also included. The bunny ears are also on display.

The magazine’s cover stars are very few men. Hugh Hefner and Bad Bunny were the only men to be included in the cover, as well as Kiss, Bruno Mars and Seth Rogan who appeared alongside models. They.

They also noted that the bunny ears are only worn by a few men. Ezra Miller (pictured), Johnny Carson (pictured), Flip Wilson, Burt Reynolds and Steve Martin make up this elite group.

“For Playboy to have a male on the cover is a huge deal for the LGBT community, for my brown people community, and it’s all so surreal,”Rock spoke about Rock’s honor.

This isn’t the influencer’s first time working with the brand. According to reports, he has produced clothing previously for the brand. CNN.

“It’s Bretman, Bitch,”Playboy WriteAlong with footage of the making of the cover.

Rock, 23, also shared pics from the magazine on social media. “I’m a BUNNY, duh!!”He captioned one of the posts.

“Da Baddest Bunny. Posting to piss off more straight men, if you’re pissed Bc I turn you on then- say that geez,”He wrote in another.

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