Players lift fake coffins to celebrate rival’s imminent relegation in savage s***housery


After a Brazilian football match between rivals, a mass brawl broke out when players raised fake coffins in celebration of their opponent’s imminent relegation.

South American countries are known for their passion for football. Derby matches can be intense and even violent.

Internacional hosted Gremio on Saturday. They are currently in the Brazilian Serie A relegation area.

Although they won by just 1-0, the home team didn’t give up on their rivals.

Instead, some of the Internacional players decided to unleash major s***thousery.

Internacional midfielder Patrick Nascimento held the coffin aloft
Patrick Nascimento, Internacional midfielder, held the coffin high.

They ridiculed Gremio fans holding up fake cardboard coffins decorated with club colours.

The pitch was almost empty by this time, but the players quickly spotted the actions and made their way back to the tunnel.

They steamed with anger towards Internacional players at this point.

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Turmoil between Internacional players and Gremio players during a match at the Beira-Rio stadium for the Brazilian A 2021 championship
The brawl was witnessed by all 22 players, as well as the coaching staff.

There were numerous confrontations before the stewards finally began to calm everything down.

Surprisingly, only two players were sent off for their involvement in the brawl with Internacional’s Patrick Nascimento and Gremio’s Bruno Cortez.

Patrick was the main protagonist. He could be seen giving a coffin to his team-mates.

Internacional v Gremio - Estadio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre, Brazil - November 6, 2021 Gremio's Bruno Cortez after the match
Bruno Cortez, Gremio’s central representative, took offense to these actions

Both teams are based at Porto Alegre in the capital of Rio Grande de Sul.

They compete in the “Gre-Nal” derby. But it might not be a featured feature next season if Gremio isn’t afraid.

With nine games remaining, they are now seven points away from safety, despite having Rafinha (ex-Balermuench) and Douglas Costa (ex-Juventus winger).

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