Plus-sized model defies trolls, laughing all the way to bank with her saucy snaps


A plus-sized model put on an amazing display in a plunging croptop that had male fans swooning.

Miss BaileyWho is on Instagram as? @baystayfitSilver Screen Beat bullies made her miserable, but she’s now happy. “laughing all the way to the bank”Thanks to her curves.

In an Instagram video, she shows off her full cleavage in a plunging crop top.

Then she did a series of side-to side twirling moves, which was followed by wild cheers from her friends.

One said Miss Bailey: “I’m witnessing beauty at its finest.”

Another confession: “I love your photos… your videos are an anthology… you are a precious goddess.”

Miss Bailey defied trolls to become a wealthy plus-size model
Miss Bailey defied all odds to become a plus-size model and a successful businesswoman

“You’re looking very, very, very, very sexy,”A third admirer was also attracted to her.

Miss Bailey, who is Also available on TwitterSilver Screen Beat interviewed her fans “love my butt”You can also add: “From day one it’s always been about my curves.”

She stated that: “I try to post sexy butt pics as much as Instagram will allow but with their tight guidelines it’s hard to show it off like I used to.

“OnlyFans has been a great resource for me. “Besides my curves, I also get compliments about my babyface.”

The model has a loyal Instagram and OnlyFans following
The model has an avid Instagram and OnlyFans following.

She also added: “I definitely had to build my confidence over time. Growing up I was a stick and got criticied for that.

“When I started middle school, one of my first friends was me. I was ridiculed for being curvy.

“I got told to my face that I was fat if I didn’t have a thigh gap. It really did a number on me hence why it’s something I remember.

“As time passed, having a big and curvy body became a fashion. They’re funny, right?

Miss Bailey has a huge Instagram following
Miss Bailey has a huge Instagram fan following

Miss Bailey was recently photographed in white lace lingerie, suspenders and lingerie. One fan said that Miss Bailey was the “The” one. “most beautiful woman in the world”.

The model claimed that although she takes flack for her provocative work, she is happy with her lifestyle.

She stated that: “I feel like morals have nothing to do with wanting to live a good life without spending it behind a desk for some employer who could care less about me.

“It is not something I do. I can laugh my way to the bank, and book trips to my favourite places.”

Miss Bailey said some of the people who used to tease her are hypocrites because now they beg her for modeling tips – but she ignores them.

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