Pocahontas star Irene Bedard arrested for disorderly conduct


During their interaction, the officer said Bedard’s “emotions changed rapidly,”Explain she “would be talking to us calmly”At one point, then “quickly become upset and crying”At the other.

E! E! She doesn’t seem to have a representative or lawyer who could speak on her behalf.

The report stated that police received a report from the other woman indicating that she had given officers the name of someone they could contact to help Bedard. StandAlum “yelled that she didn’t want that person called and ran away from us screaming.”They claimed she nearly knocked over the table on the sidewalk but stopped at the street corner to walk back to the officers.

“She then became angry at us about a previous incident where she said the police didn’t help her,”The report was read. “She backed into a large glass window as she continued to
yelled at us.”

Bedard was worried that she might break the glass so authorities took her left arm and escorted it away.

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