Pochettino and Man Utd are perfect partners for specialists in failure


Mauricio Pochettino’s Manchester United match is starting to look like a match made for heaven.

The similarities between club manager and club manager are beginning to feel almost alarming.

Both live on past glory, though modest ones in Pochettino’s instance, and believe bigger and better things still lie ahead.

Both are known for their inflated reputations despite being experts in failure.

Pochettino, on the other hand, has only one domestic cup and United haven’t won any silverware since 2017.

If everything goes according to plan, Pochettino will marry United soon in a footballing union that many want to see.

PSG’s reputation for Pochettino has been damaged

United will not have to pay compensation if Paris Saint-Germain decides to fire Pochettino following the Madrid Champions League collapse. Then, it’s perfect.

Pochettino is believed to be desperate for the United job. And if the Bernabeu events of this week are any indication, it’s that Pochettino will stop at nothing in order to obtain it.

The Argentine used some of the most famous stars of the world to create a scene full of carnage, ineptitude, and failure in a rehearsal for his next role.

In the hope that it would lead to their victory in Europe, PSG’s billionaires owners gifted Pochettino Leo Messi this season. In return, he made them suffer humiliating defeat in the first knockout (last 16).

Pochettino now forms part of Rio Ferdinand’s so-called an “anchor” “ingrained culture of failure”He would be able to quickly feel at home at Old Trafford, thanks to his experience with the French giants. It would be seamless.

It is not clear what United’s plan B could be, if Pochettino keeps Plan A in place when it comes time to appoint a permanent manager to replace interim boss Ralf Rangnick.

Pochettino, Solskjaer – The past and the future of Man Utd in one scarf

People are still seduced by Pochettino’s incredible luck in leading Tottenham to the Champions League final in 2019, rather than being more concerned at how everything unravelled for him in six months and ended with his sacking.

The same thing is happening in Paris. United CEO Richard Arnold now has to answer one simple question. Is Pochettino competent to rebuild United to become a major football force?

The answer is no.

Pochettino, Erik ten Hag and United are in a strong position to negotiate with the fallen giants.

However, this should not happen. United must have a serious manager to guide them.

On Saturday, there will be one opposition player in Tottenham’s dugout: Antonio Conte from Tottenham. Thomas Tuchel’s future at Chelsea is in doubt after the extraordinary events surrounding Roman Abramovich’s ownership of European and world champions.

United must think big because the challenge before them is enormous and Chelsea is on the brink, the German is available for the taking.

Pochettino, despite the firepower of Messi-Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, and the firepower from Real Madrid, cannot beat a mediocre Real Madrid team.

Pochettino or Mbappe could be leaving Paris this summer

Remember the Chelsea employees that aren’t footballers

Leeds United’s financial woes nearly two decades ago brought out some of the best in their stars.

A group of players decided that they would help pay for the travel costs to away games by digging into their pockets.

However, the Yorkshire club did not go into administration and continue on to League One.

The truth is, Chelsea’s current meltdown is going to make Leeds’s problems seem minor.

In times of trouble, however, the core principles that underpin human kindness will remain the same. It will be fascinating to see how Chelsea players react to the crisis.

Chelsea’s future is uncertain

Their first instinct might be to flee the scene as quickly as possible.

But what about all those people who work at the club who earn £30,000-a-year instead of £300,000-a-week and still need their jobs to survive at a time when the cost of living is going through the roof?

We shouldn’t be concerned about the millionaire footballers who have to drive to match venues, rather than taking private planes.

They will all be fine, regardless of what happens. There could be many others who aren’t – and these will be the ones who suffer most.