Police are on the lookout for a murder suspect whose mom helped him escape: Deputies


Authorities in South Carolina are on the lookout for a murder suspect who escaped with help from his mother, officials said.

According to the sheriff’s office, Leonard Finch, 31, is accused of shooting another man during an argument at Cherokee County. He then fled before deputies arrived.

According to a statement from the sheriff’s department, Mark Kevin Brukler, 42 years old, was not responding when deputies reached a mobile home park. The county coroner declared him deceased.

Authorities said that investigators found out that Finch’s mother, Sheila Finch helped him flee from the scene. Sheila Finch, her mother, was arrested and charged as an accessory after-the fact to a felony.

According to online jail records she has been released on bail.

Authorities warn that Leonard Finch is dangerously armed. 

Anyone with information on Finch’s location is asked for assistance by Logan Heintzel, 864-489-4722.

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