Police Arrest Whip-Wielding Florida Woman for Stomping Vehicle in Publix Parking Lot with Pitchfork


A Florida woman was arrested after wielding a pitchfork and whip outside of a Publix during a rainstorm and stabbing a vehicle in the store’s parking lot with the agricultural tool, according to authorities.

Lisa Anne Slone (56), was charged with aggravated attacking with a deadly weapons without intent to murder, according to Lake County online court records.

Dash camera videoA Florida Highway Patrol trooper identified Slone as the woman in the Publix parking area.

Slone was seen waving her whip at a patrol car of police officers before walking off. According to WFLA-TV local outlet. According to the station, she then returned to the parking lot and pointed her pitchfork towards a trooper.

After Slone allegedly refused to be handcuffed, a trooper disarmed her and took her to the ground, according to an arrest report filed by police. According to police reports, Slone was placed in an FHP police car.

Video from Dashcam showed Slone speaking. “God is great” “God is in control,” once in the vehicle. 

The trooper spoke with the manager of Publix, who said Slone attempted to sell teddy bears behind the store. Slone then ran through the parking lot and then allegedly stabbed a parked minivan with the pitchfork she was holding, according to WFLA-TV.

The owner of the minivan said he did not want to get the police involved, saying he would fix the damages to his vehicle on his own, according to WFLA.

After being detained, Slone was allegedly able to unbuckle her seat belt and kicked at the right door window of the cruiser, the arrest report said. 

Authorities wrote that Slone appeared to be “highly intoxicated on some sort of stimulant drug”The report found that he was not under the influence or alcohol.

Slone is still in Lake County Jail, despite being arraigned Wednesday. According to online records, her bail was set at $2,000

Slone is set to appear before the court on August 15, according court records.

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