Police: Bodies of 4 Oklahoma men missing found in river


The remains of four Oklahoman men who were missing have been found in a river. Police said Monday that they are searching for the person of interest.

Police said that the four friends were last seen on Oct. 9, at 8 p.m., when they rode off from their home on bicycles. Okmulgee Police Chief Joe Prentice stated that their relatives reported them missing the next morning after calling their cellphones went straight into voicemail.

The victims were identified as Mark Chastain, 32, Billy Chastain, 30, Mike Sparks, 32, and Alex Stevens, 29.

Their mysterious disappearance grew darker on Friday after police received a call about suspicious items floating in the Deep Fork River, just outside Okmulgee, a small city 40 miles from Tulsa.

Prentice announced that police had pulled numerous body pieces from the river this weekend at a press conference on Monday. The police chief stated that autopsies had determined that they belonged to the missing man.

“I’ve worked over 80 murders in my career … but this case involves the highest number of victims and it’s a very violent event,”Prentice said.

He stated that each man was shot and then dismembered. They had all been shot and then dismembered. “planned to commit some kind of criminal act”The chief stated that they rode off the following night. Witnesses told investigators that the men boasted about their plans to go to “hit a lick big enough for all of them,”Prentice said.

The police chief stated that the witness was invited to join the men, but he refused.

Prentice stated that investigators aren’t able to determine what the men planned or where they were going.

The chief stated that police are searching for Joe Kennedy who is the owner of the scrapyard located near the crime scene. He was reported missing on Saturday night. “may be suicidal”Prentice stated. He was not named as a suspect. “and I don’t have any evidence that Mr. Kennedy poses a threat,”Prentice stated. The chief stated that he has not been charged with any offenses.

Prentice stated that Kennedy, who was being questioned by police last Wednesday, denied knowing four of the men.

Prentice claimed last week that two salvage yards are where the men may have been the night they left their bikes. He said Monday that their bikes were not found.

Prentice stated that evidence suggests the men were killed close to a salvage yard, then dismembered and dumped into a nearby river. “It’s a very violent event,”According to the chief, He said that investigators removed human remans from water between Friday and Monday.

Prentice explained that the body parts were placed in the river either late at night or very early the next day.

Anyone with information on the murder case in question is asked to contact police at 918-756 3511 or email tips@okmcity.net.


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