Police say Chloe Campbell ran away from home after she was reported missing by her family


Chloe Campbell is a 14-year old Colorado girl who was reported missing 10 days ago. Her family reunited her.

Police believe the Boulder teenager fled and was trying to avoid contact when they found her at a Thornton home on Monday afternoon.

“While investigators continue to believe that Chloe ran away, there is an ongoing investigation about where she was and what occurred while she was separated from her family,”Maris Herold, Boulder Police Chief, stated this at a press confermence. 

Police deny that Chloe was taken or held against her will by the police during her time missing.

“There are indications that considerable steps were being taken by Chloe to avoid contact from law enforcement as well as her family. We, however, had indications that she was alive throughout the week,”Stephen Redfearn, Deputy Police Chief, said.

Witnesses said Chloe was seen with two older men who “looked sketchy” at a high school football game before she went missing.

Before she was found, Boulder police had faced criticism, including from the family of JonBenét Ramsey, for branding Chloe a runaway and not issuing an Amber Alert. 

The police are defending their handling of the case.

“Boulder police had no evidence to suggest that an abduction had occurred,”Redfearn stated. 

Chloe’s parents released a statement saying that they can’t express their relief that their daughter was found alive and receiving medical attention. They still have questions about her fate.


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