Police say Mystery Thickens are the remains of one of three people missing in Tulsa Area.


Officials said that an Oklahoma woman mysteriously vanished while she searched for her son and friend. Deer hunters found their remains in a wooded rural area close to Tulsa on Sunday.

Jack Grimes, aged 76, was identified by the medical inspector. His manner of death has not been released, but his death has now been ruled a homicide, according to the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO).

Investigators are now intensifying their search for Glenda “Cookie”Officials said that Parton and her son Dwayne Selby (59 years old), are still missing.

At a Tuesday press briefing, Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado said that deputies are going back to the area where they found Grimes’ remains to search it again for additional victims as they “can’t rule out the possibility that Glenda and Dwayne have been met with foul play.”

When Grimes first disappeared, a Silver Alert was issued. Selby last saw Grimes Oct. 22. The two men, who lived together and were best friends, were reportedly headed to Fort Worth, Texas, for a horse show together but never arrived. Officials stated that Grimes’ red Ford Taurus, which Selby had hoped to travel to Texas in with Grimes on Oct. 28, was found abandoned at Mohawk Park. 

Parton was last seen in Turley, Oklahoma on Oct. 25, when she arrived to search for her son. After her red Kia Rio was abandoned near Highway 75 in Tulsa’s 56th St North on Oct. 26, authorities issued Parton a Silver Alert. 

Parton was last seen on a video with an unidentified man at a business in the Turley area, right before she disappeared, according to the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. 

Inside Edition Digital was informed by Casey Roebuck, TCSO Communications Director, that Parton has been identified and interviewed. 

“We did not arrest him,”Roebuck spoke. “No one has been ruled out as a person of interest at this point.”

Regalado said that they are “following leads,” but they aren’t releasing any further information at this time.

“We are in the early stages of the investigation and we don’t know if is related at this time, but the horse business is what binds them,” the sheriff said.

“The horse business is very significant here in Oklahoma. If there are any individuals out there that can provide information that might be helpful in the case we encourage them to contact us,” Regalado said.

The sheriff said drones and cadaver dogs are being used in the search and that they are concentrating in the area where Grimes’ remains were found. They are also planning to search the area where Parton’s and Grimes’ cars were found.

Regalado pointed to a map during the press briefing and said the rural area is massive and difficult to cordon off. He asked if any hunters or hikers happen to stumble across something that may be evidence, that they pin the location and contact authorities, and not touch anything 

The sheriff responded to a reporter who asked about some of the challenges they are facing. “I think the entire case is a challenge. We lack motive. We have a crime scene from 59th to Mohawk Park which is a lot of rural areas. We have two missing persons and we have no idea whether they are alive or not. And we just identified Jack’s remains,” he said. “From an investigative standpoint, the murder investigation started Oct. 31. We confirmed it today but when the remains were found, that was when the real murder investigation started. Prior to that, it was a missing person case.”

Regalado asked anyone with information about the individuals to contact detectives, especially regarding the last time they were seen, or anything pertinent in their background that may help in the investigation.

“We hold out hope that Glenda and Dwayne are fine and these are just weird circumstances for them, but at the same time we have to explore all of our options,” Regalado said. 

A tip line has been set up for tips in this investigation: 918-596-8836. Tips can also be emailed to: tips@tcso.org.

Jack Grimes, 76, remains were found by deer hunters on Sunday near Tulsa. – TCSO