Police say that a hospital patient attacked a pregnant nurse, resulting in the death of her unborn child.


According to an arrest affidavit obtained from the Florida Department of Health, a patient in a Florida mental hospital unit faces a manslaughter case after he allegedly attacked and killed a pregnant nurse, causing her unborn child’s death. Orlando Sentinel

According to the arrest record, Joseph Wuerz, 53 years old, was taken into custody and charged with homicide by an unborn baby, aggravated Battery on a First Responder, and aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Victim. 

Wuerz is being held in Seminole County Jail. His bonds amount to $90,000. according to sheriff’s office online records. 

A clerk at the Seminole County Clerk of the Courts told Inside Edition Digital that there has been no attorney assigned on the case yet, and Wuerz’s next hearing date is Jan. 11 at 9 a.m.

According to Longwood police officers, the horrendous incident occurred at Orlando Health South Seminole Hospital on Saturday.

According to police, the nurse was administering medication to a patient at the behavioral health unit of the hospital. Wuerz, “entered the room and attacked her,”The Orlando Sentinel reported. 

According to the arrest report Wuerz is accused of pushing the nurse against a wall and repeatedly kicking her. She was 32 weeks pregnant at the time.

Officials said that Wuerz was removed from the room by several security officers and staff. The Washington Post. According to the news outlet: “The nurse claimed that Wuerz was not her patient and did not speak during the attack.”

The Baker Act allows for people with mental illnesses to be committed to health institutions for up to 72 hours, according to the Post. Wuerz was detained at the hospital on Saturday.

Winnie Palmer Hospital treated the nurse. According to the Orlando-Sentinel, it was at this hospital that the mother-to-be found out that her baby had stopped breathing.

According to the news outlet, the nurse informed police that she had never been attacked during her pregnancy. She also said that she was healthy now. 

She said that she had told police about her affair with the man. “believes the stress she was under during the attack may have caused her unborn child’s death,”According to the arrest report. 

The Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office plans to perform an autopsy on the baby, the Post reported.