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Federico Döring was caught on video sitting on the loo and wiping his bottom while taking full advantage of his remote office space

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Mexico: A Politician loses his phone while on the toilet during Zoom Call

After being caught using the bathroom while on Zoom calls with colleagues, a Mexican politician was left in disarray.

Federico Döring, the PAN deputy for the Congress of Mexico City, was caught sitting on the loo and wiping his bottom, in the middle of a Congress session.

This embarrassing, but hilarious, incident occurred in a virtual session on Nov 19, during a session of the United Commissions on Regulations, Studies and Parliamentary Practices and Administration and Procurement of Justice of the Capital Congress.

In the clip, Mr Döring can be seen looking toward the camera whilst wearing a mask, before placing his phone on the floor, as his colleagues vote in the meeting.

Evidently, he forgot to turn off the camera and then proceeded with a quick grab of toilet paper to clean himself in front his colleagues.

The deputy in the area then quickly picks up his Zoom phone, realising that he made a technical error, and leaves the call.

The incident only lasted a few seconds but the video has gone viral.

Mexico also had a politician who last year said that she wasn’t embarrassed by her body for being accidentally changed during a Zoom meeting.

Martha Lucia Micher, a Mexican senator, was present on a video call last May with members of the National Regeneration Movement party, the Bank of Mexico, and journalists.

The 66-year old politician started to take off her clothes as they talked about the effects of the pandemic.

Ms. Micher didn’t realize that her webcam was still working, so screenshots were taken and shared on social media.

While she was sorry for her misfortune, the senator made it clear that she had nothing to shame about.

She stated: “I am Malu Micher, and I am not ashamed to have shown part of my intimacy by accident, because it is exactly the notion that a woman is ‘just her body’ that has allowed and fomented the objectification of women against which I have always fought.

“I am a woman of 66 years of age who has breastfed four children, three of whom are today professional and responsible men, and I feel proud of my body for having nourished them.

“I am a woman who has fought for the left for almost 40 years and who has occupied various public roles in my fervent commitment for the defence of human rights, I am a woman who is not ashamed of her body, I love it and I take care of it.”

To show support for Senator Feinstein, many of her colleagues and politicians retweeted her message and shared it on social media.

After walking into a parliamentary video conference in complete nakedness, a Canadian MP had to apologize.

Screenshots of Zoom Meeting showed William Amos, who was holding a phone to his body while standing beside Canadian and Quebec flags.

After the Wednesday private session was leaked to social media, he took to Twitter to apologize.

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