Pope Francis has said that he will visit Kim Jong-un, North Korea, if he is invited


Pope Francis would love to visit Kim Jong Un, the tubby tyrant – if he received an invitation.

When the Pope was asked whether he would consider a North Korean tour, he replied positively. He also spoke with South Korea’s head state.

President Moon Jae In asked the Catholic head Friday if he would make the trip to bring about peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Moon made the offer in a meeting at the Vatican earlier that day.

He stated that a North Korea visit would be an opportunity to bring peace to the region after tensions rose following recent hypersonic rocket tests.

Pope Francis said he would visit North Korea to try to restore peace
Pope Francis announced that he would be visiting North Korea in an effort to restore peace

“If the pontiff visits North Korea when an opportunity arises, it will be momentum for peace on the Korean Peninsula,”Park Kyung Mee, a presidential spokesperson, claims that Moon spoke to the pope.

The Pope replied: “I am willing to go there for peace and help all of you if (North Korea) sends a letter of invitation.”

South Korean president asked if the Pope would visit the tubby tyrant Kim Jong-un
South Korean President asked Pope Francis if he would visit Kim Jong Un, the tyrant who is so sexy

Pope Francis is not the only one to express interest in traveling to the country. They don’t allow any foreigners past their borders.

Moon requested Jong-un to invite North Korea and the Pope to visit them again in 2018, but they refused.

There has been no pontif ever in North Korea and there are no diplomatic relations between the state and the Vatican.

However, North Korea has not sent a formal invitation, despite the pope saying he'd visit before
Despite the pope’s assurances that he would be there, North Korea did not send a formal invitation.

This comes as tensions between the US and North continue to rise, and the country is also facing severe food shortages.

Kim Jong-un told his people to eat black Swans to fight the rumors. “persistent food problem”.

Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of Workers Party of Korea, published an article that stated that “black swan meat is delicious and has medicinal value.”

Ri Jong Na, South Hamgyong Province’s chief political secretary, opened a new black Swan centre on the east coast.

Kim brought up the problem of food in June. The dictator believes that the beautiful birds are his. “secret weapon”This is how you can fight the problem.

The leader, aged 37 years old, declared a food shortage in the summer and instructed workers to come up with new solutions.

As a result, North Korea’s state media reported that the black species of Cygnus was a “new and valuable food source”.

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