Popeyes ‘Undercover Boss’ Gives Hurricane Katrina Victim $10,000


Clip from Covert BossThis viral video is taking fans back to Hurricane Katrina and has gone viral again. In An episode from 2012Lynne Zappone from Popeye’s Chicken was hired as an undercover employee at a New Orleans location. Zappone gifted Gina, a former employee who had survived the hurricane, a gift that has clearly made a difference in her life.

This clip was shared by Dabl streaming service, which hosts it now Covert Boss. It’s still an important moment in reality television, ten years after it aired. Zappone begins by learning about the realities of working at her restaurant. Gina, a shift manager who has been working with Zappone for over 20 years and who was able to survive Hurricane Katrina in the city, trains her. The clip ends with Zappone’s major reveal. She explains how she plans to act upon what she’s just seen.

Zappone assures Gina that the pipe will be fixed and that the restaurant will have all the necessary cleaning supplies. The praise and recognition Zappone gives the manager is enough to bring some relief. Things get personal between them after that.

Zappone is interested in hosting a family reunion at their expense after hearing about Gina’s displacement by Hurricane Katrina. It includes accommodation, travel, and other activities for Gina’s family members. Gina is excited by this, but Zappone gets really emotional when she explains to Gina that she will start an employee relief fund to help workers in times of need like Gina’s hurricane experience. Zappone also reveals that Gina, who will be the first beneficiary of the fund, will receive $10,000 to help her recover after the hurricane.

Gina is moved to tears by this conversation. Zappone was earlier shown her hurricane experience. Zappone also heard about the two-day period without access to water. Gina had prepared canned goods in advance and said that she was able to survive by drinking water from cans of vegetables, such as corn.

Natural disasters Statistics show that they are on the riseIn the United States, emergency response efforts such as these will only increase in importance over the next few years. Covert BossIt is still available on the air and will hopefully continue to bridge the gap between them. workers’ needsPriorities of employers and employees

Covert BossNow streaming Paramount+. It is also available on Dabl is also availableAs an individual service, or as an addition to other services.

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