Post Malone Responds Perfectly to On-Stage Injury


Post Malone suffered a minor mishap while performing on stage. He broke three of his ribs. He performed his set and continued to perform. The rapper responded to the incident with his trademark humor. 

Malone was on tour at the Enterprise Center, St. Louis, Missouri when he had an accident. He was performing his hit song. “Circles,”He fell through the flooring. The singer fell on his side, then rolled onto his stomach. A member of staff helped him. He then left the stage for approximately 10 minutes, but returned to perform the remainder of his set. Malone shared his thoughts on Instagram about the mishap. Malone posted a picture of himself on stage, giving the middle finger at the hole in the stage. He added his caption to clarify. “F U Hole.”

Austin Post was touring with Malone (real name Austin Post) at the time of the incident. The incident occurred around halfway through Malone’s Saturday night set. Concertgoers said that Malone was holding onto his hand throughout the remainder of the evening. Malone continued to perform and was able to finish the set. He is now expected back on tour with several stops in Texas. Although he performed the set, it was later revealed that he sustained a very serious injury after the fall. According to The BlastLater, he discovered that he had actually broken three of the ribs. 

Malone apologised to his fans, even though it was an unavoidable accident. Follow us on TwitterA video was posted by him in which he stated, “I just want to apologize to everyone in St. Louis. Next time I’m around this way we’re going to do a two-hour show for you, so we can make up for the couple missed songs.” He continued, “Thank you guys for your support and thank you for your love. And thanks for hanging around even though I got my a** kicked by myself.”The “Over Now”The rapper captioned the clip with a message of love for his fans and followers. 

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