Potassium Iodide Need is on the Rise Despite Growing Nuclear Fears


The looming danger of nuclear conflict is making it difficult to find potassium iodide tablets. These pills may offer some protection from radiation.

Fears of radiation-blocking tablet scarcity have led to panic buying. A U.S. distributor has even declared that the tablets are available for purchase. “We are out of stock.”

Social media is also gaining popularity. Taylor Kenney has a TikTok prepper page and keeps a stash potassium iodide tablets. She said she ordered them online several years ago.

“At that time they were really cheap. I know now prices have been skyrocketing, because so many people are afraid,” Kenney said.

In a statement, CDC warns: “People should take potassium iodide only on the advice of public health or emergency management officials.”

Some doctors believe that the tablets are of limited value after a nuclear disaster. 

“This is strictly if there’s an accident. It’s a stopgap measure, and you shouldn’t be taking it continuously,”Inside Edition: Dr. Leigh Vinocur, an emergency physician, told Inside Edition.