Pregnant Jhené Aiko Has Perfect Couple’s Halloween Costume With Big Sean


Big Sean and Jhené Aiko are expecting their first child together. Because they will soon be parents to their child, they celebrated Halloween with Hollywood parenting style. Aiko and Sean dressed up as their favorite characters for this year’s Halloween celebration. JunoThe film starred Elliot Page, a teenage pregnant girl. 

Aiko shared a picture on Instagram of Sean and herself creating the poster for the film’s award-winning film. Aiko, played by Page, is seen in the photo dressed as Juno. Jeans, a plaid shirt at the waist, a striped shirt, and a camouflage jacket were her outfits. The same as in the Original poster for the 2007 filmAiko stands at her side, so that her baby bump was fully visible. Sean, dressed in Dancing Condors gear, stands by her side.

In July, it was reported that Sean and Aiko were expecting their first child together. Aiko shares a 13 year-old daughter, Namiko with O’Ryan. A short statement from the pair confirmed their news. TMZ, saying, “The couple are overjoyed and look forward to this next chapter.”The “Mercy”Later, the rapper revealed that they were planning to have a boy during a concert held in Los Angeles. Sean and Aiko have been in a relationship since 2016. Both singers have shared their love stories over the years. In an interview with BillboardAiko described Sean as her love and best friend. 

“The friends that I have become family,”She said. “I don’t have a bunch of friends. I literally have like two friends outside of my blood relatives. Everyone else that I call a friend is literally related to me by blood. So, Sean has become my family. I don’t know what the future holds, but as far as my life goes right now, yeah, he’s ‘L-O-M-L.'”Sean shared his 2016 relationship with Aiko during a chat with Billboard. He said, “Jhené is more than just a friend. I don’t know how else to describe it — me and her are just cool like that. I love her and I know she loves me. I was down to make that commitment — something that will last and be different from the rest.”

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