Pregnant model is praised for being’strong’ and able to work out everyday despite having a baby bump


One influencer said that even though she is pregnant, she manages to still get her workouts in.

Tammy Hembrow shared her news that she was expecting her third child with her family in an adorable post last month.

She displayed her baby bump while telling fans that she wants to have a child. “natural birth”.

Her 13.8 Million Instagram followers were left stunned when she talked about her workouts. “pretty much the same”.

Tammy from Australia wrote this post earlier in the week: “Still managing to get my workouts in they’re pretty much the same as usual.

“The primary difference between the two is the intensity and weight. “I listen to my body constantly for cues and rest if necessary.”

Pregnant Tammy Hembrow
Fans were told by the influencer that Women’s Best was having a massive sale

She also added: “To my pregnant mamas you should always check with your own doctor before using any supplements.”

Tammy was enjoying her Women’s Best protein drink when she announced that the brand will be having a New Year’s Sale with discounts up to 50%

As she showed off her bump, the glowing influencer wore a grey sports bra with shorts and green shorts.

Many people called the model “the model” after being stunned by its beauty. “strong”Three photos were shared by her of the gear.

One fan gushed: “This is your great photo,”An additional: “I am pregnant, too. I wish I could be so strong like Tammy.”

A third Instagram follower commented on the following: “Obsessed with you.”

The fourth user on social media was praised: “Killing it while pregnant girl and looking stunning you deserve a gold medal.”

Tammy, who became engaged to her partner in October, spoke about her excitement at announcing her baby. “heart might explode”.

Pregnant Tammy Hembrow
This tanned beauty looked great in her gym clothes

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She wrote: “I appreciate all the love more than you know. I still can’t believe I’m going to be a mama of 3.

“My heart might explode, I’m creating another little life.”

In the recent upload to her millions, Tammy revealed details of her pregnancy and past labours.

Tammy wore a beige underwear set as she cradled her baby bump and looked down.

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