Premiere Episode: Major Game of Thrones Easter Egg Front & Center


The premiere episode House of the DragonA conspicuous Easter egg was featured from Game of ThronesThat may be what binds the two shows together over time. You’ve probably seen the episode. If not, I can explain. Warning: Spoilers are ahead

House of the DragonEpisode 1. “The Heirs of the Dragon,” puts an essential prop back on the screen – the Valyrian steel dagger used throughout the original series. This prequel shows King Viserys II Targaryen (Paddy Considine), using the dagger prominently. However, fans are well aware that Arya will use it 200 years later in The Stark Chronicles. Game of ThronesThis is the era of time. This dagger will be used in an attempt to assassinate BranStark. It will then be used for The War of the Five Kings by Littlefinger. Finally, the Night King will plunge it into his heart, ending the Long Night.

The Valyrian steel dagger, which is elegant and easy to identify, is meant to be a continuity between the two series. It will likely continue to be seen throughout. House of the DragonIt allows fans to speculate and try the trace of it into the future. It must be with King Robert I Baratheon’s procession, from King’s Landing, to Winterfell. There, a common assassin hires it to kill Bran.

Catelyn stark suspects House Lannister hired the assassin because the dagger is rare. As fans of the series may recall, Catelyn has been able to identify the source of her suspicions from the main series. Valyrian steel has a sharper edge and is lighter than other metals. The Targaryens’ ancestors forged it with strange spells so it doesn’t rust or dull. The art of making it however, was lost in the ages. “Doom of Valyria” – a magical cataclysm that left only a few dragonriders left in the world.

George R.R. George R.R. She uses it to execute Littlefinger – a symbolic form of justice as House Stark comes to realize it was manipulated. Arya keeps the dagger and its magical properties, which allow her to stop the White Walkers’ attack on Winterfell, even after the incident. It was made with fire magic and can be used to kill the Night King as well as all the sorcery-wielding wights.

The TV series will likely have a different outcome. The Night King is not a character in the book, but the TV showrunners hint that it was their idea and Martin’s to have Arya deal with the White Walker army. Many Fans speculate.It may not be the same in the book, but the presence of this dagger will make it work. House of the DragonThis gives it some meaning. This could indicate that Martin is still interested in the weapon and plans to use it for his grand finale.

At the moment, we can only guess and wait for more clues. House of the DragonIt airs on Sunday night at 9:59 p.m. ET on HBO Max and HBO Max. Martin’s books, which include Fire & BloodThese books are now available in digital, print and audiobook formats.