Premiere of new Princess Diana movie slammed for its “achingly familiar” story


Critics call the new documentary Princess Diana “disgusting”. “achingly familiar”This week, Ed Perkins will be presenting The Princess as the Sundance Film Festival’s debut director.

The most recent film features an “immersive and experimental”Use archival evidence from her 1981 engagement to Prince Charles, to help you understand the tragic end of the Princess Of Wales.

With a Broadway musical, Netflix drama The Crown and a glitzy indie film about Princess Diana all released in recent months, the latest documentary received mixed reviews as it joins the growing number of TV shows claiming to offer a fresh perspective on Diana’s life.

Critics are dubbing the latest documentary about Princess Diana “achingly familiar”
Critics call the new documentary Princess Diana “disgusting”. “achingly familiar”

Kevin Maher of The Times was the only critic. The footage will be very familiar to British viewers, or anyone with even a passing interest about the Royal Family.

He wrote that the film’s opening shows Diana being chased by Australian tourists in Paris and that it returns to the familiar path of other Diana films.

The documentary comes after Harry and Meghan’s exit from the Royal Family sent shockwaves through the monarchy
The documentary comes after Harry and Meghan’s exit from the Royal Family sent shockwaves through the monarchy

“We jump back to 1980, and to the famous so-called ‘engagement rumours’ footage of Diana being chased into her mini metro by over-excited journalists,”Maher writes.

“And then off she goes, and off we go, year by year, beat by beat, through that same achingly familiar Diana story via a clip selection that you will not have seen many many times before if you’re either very young (and I mean pre-teen young) or are only recently arrived on planet earth,”He added.

The Princess follows Diana's story from her 1981 engagement to Prince Charles to her death 16 years later
The Princess continues Diana’s story, from Prince Charles’ 1981 engagement to her to her death 16-years later.

But many American publications praised the new documentary, which comes after Harry and Meghan’s exit from the Royal Family sent shockwaves through the monarchy and thwarted their every move back into the spotlight.

Variety was one of the publications that had praised the document, stating it is “a wonderful resource.” “perfectly timed, compulsively watchable documentary,” while The Daily Beast offered a lukewarm review, citing: “You don’t leave The Princess with a brand new viewpoint, per se.

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Diana comes off well, while the palace and the media are villainized, as is the common and accepted modern take on what happened during that time.”

Producer Simon Chinn explained: “Our instinct was to go back in a sense of what we’ve always thought of as the ‘origin story’, and see what we could learn about what has happened subsequently through the story of Diana.”

The film follows Spencer’s release, in which Kristen Stewart stars as Spencer. The Crown series 5 continues filming with Elizabeth Debicki as Diana.

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