President Zelenskyy extolled Heroism in Ukraine, Abroad and elsewhere: “Some People are Just Born Great”


His resolute leadership is being celebrated around the globe by President Volodymyr Zilenskyy of Ukraine.

His stubborn refusal to accept an American offer to fly him from Ukraine to the United States is certain to be recorded in history. “I need ammunition, not a ride,”Zelenskyy is quoted saying that he told the Biden administration. 

No one could have predicted Zelenskyy’s rise to universal praise. A comedian, Zelenskyy was a former comedian and won the Ukraine’s version. “Dancing with the Stars”In 2006. Zelenskyy, the son of a professor, and an engineer, also received a degree in law, but he did not work in the legal profession. 

Zelenskyy was praised by several stars at last night’s SAG award ceremony. Even former President Donald Trump, who was widely condemned for praising Vladimir Putin as a “genius,” is heaping praise on Zelenskyy.

Zelenskyy’s wife Olena, a writer who studied architecture, was also pictured at his side, refusing to go into exile. She’s hiding at a secret place with her two children.

“Some people are just born great. He’s like that, and I am speaking from experience. President Zelenskyy is a hero,” Zelenskyy’s advisor Igor Novikov said.