Prices for supermarket own-brand food have risen as widows’struggle to eat’


Research shows that supermarkets have hiked the prices of over 100 value range products in recent week. Some by as high as 30%.

The website NationalWorld tracked the price of almost 700 basic range groceries from Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Aldi.

It was found that only 100 had increased in price between April and May.

These items included fresh meat, cheese, jam, pasta and coffee.

Price increases are devastating for millions of families whose cost of living has risen.

Families with low incomes are hit hard by higher prices in budget ranges.

According to a NationalWorldPrice comparison: Asda raised the prices for 37 of the 158 Smart Price and Farm Stores products between May 4th and May 2, the largest increase of any supermarket.

Examples of this include a 300g Asda Smart Price mushypeas tin, up 16.7% from 18p – 21p.

Smart Price for Rice Pudding, Up 15% from 20p to23p

Asda also helped to lower the prices for 18 other products.

Sainsbury’s was said to have raised the price of 20 out of 137 value range products, and dropped the price of two.

Lasagne, cottage pie and fish pie were just a few of the items that went up.

All had risen from £1 to £1.25 – a 25% hike.

NationalWorld examined 216 Tesco budget products and found that 42 had increased in price over the past month.

The chain’s Eastmans chicken and bacon pasta was found to have jumped from 99p up to £1.29, a rise of 30.3%

And Tesco’s Grower’s harvest pure apple juice (2 litres) had risen from £1.09 up to £1.35, an increase of 23.9%.

Morrisons only increased the cost of one of its 43 value-added products.

According to the website Aldi, a discount chain, had raised the price of two of the 90 everyday essentials products.

Official data show that food and drink inflation rose to 5.9% in March, a level almost ten times higher than the previous year.

Experts predict that the rate will be between 8% to 12% this summer.

Last week, the Bank of England warned that inflation could reach an all-time high of over 10% in the autumn. This is due to another anticipated jump in energy prices.

It comes one week after Tory George Eustice infuriated by telling struggling households to get cheaper food for the cost of living war.

The out-of-touch Environment secretary suggested that supermarket brands could be swapped for value-brand products “like spaghetti”It will save you money.

A widow described how the rising cost of grocery products from budget lines has made it difficult for her to eat.

Alison Palmer (49), Lydney, Gloucestershire says she’s had to trim her already tight budget after the increased value line items in supermarkets, and the recent death her husband.

A YouTube channel was set up by the mother-of-one to teach people how to cook last year. “proper food”Even when it is difficult to make ends meet

Alison now receives benefits and used to make a variety of affordable meals for Barry Preest until his sudden death two months ago.

Alison has spoken out about how this tragedy has affected her in many ways. “very noticeable”Made a “detrimental”Impact on how the rise has made it even more difficult.

Alison said: “I usually shop at Tesco and have noticed that the Tesco value products have all gone up.”

The family’s food budget is £40 a month – just £10 a week.

Alison said: “I am on Universal Credit, widow’s and housing benefits. My electric bills are also increasing.

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“It’s just horrific what is happening and I have had to cut down a lot. Everything is going up and nothing is coming down.

“I see and know families with children and the parents have gone without food so the kids can have something to eat.

“When Barry was alive, we used food banks on numerous occasions but now, nobody can donate the food anymore because they need it themselves – and quite right too.

“Even potatoes have gone sky high.”

Alison’s daughter, Charlotte, lives with her partner in Lydney and is expecting a baby in October – which Alison confesses is adding to their money crisis anxiety.

“Charlotte and her husband work but they are struggling too. Everyone is,”She said.

“People are having to stick to the same budgets as before the prices started going up – but they are not getting as much.

“It’s always been said ‘If you buy cheap, you get cheap’.

“Yet we have no other option. They are pricing us out and starving families out.”

Tesco spokesperson: “We know that now, more than ever, customers want great value when they do their food shop.

“That’s why we are committed to providing great value for our customers, whether it’s promising Low Everyday Prices on 1,600 staples, price matching 650 basics to Aldi prices, or offering exclusive deals and rewards through Clubcard Prices.”

Sainsbury’s said the analysis did “not give a true reflection of the price and value we offer”Because it sold more than 40,000.

A spokesperson said: “The cost of individual products is determined by a number of factors and prices can fluctuate, both up and down, as a consequence.

“We remain relentlessly focused on keeping prices low on the products that our customers buy most often such as meat, fish, poultry, dairy and fresh produce and are committed to doing everything we can to help our customers, colleagues and communities at this challenging time.”

Morrisons spokesperson also added: “We know that our customers are under real financial pressure at the moment and we want to play our part in helping them when it comes to the cost of grocery shopping.

“We recently reduced the price of over 500 products including a quarter of our entry-level range.”

Asda spoke to The Mirror “We know how much the cost of living is worrying our customers right now and we’re doing everything we can to keep prices grocery prices in check.

“Despite rising inflation, more than 150 of the 200 Smart Price and Farm Stores products we currently sell remained the same price or reduced in price during this period.”

Aldi said: “Value is the number one consideration for most households as they wrestle with rising costs and our promise to our customers is that we will always provide the lowest grocery prices.”

Complete list of price increases for own brands

*Source: National World


Smart price mushy beans 300g tin – 18p to 21p, an increase of 16.7%

Farm stores kiwis pack six – 67p to up to 78p. An increase of 16.4%

Green beans from farm stores 240g – 75p to 87p, an increase of 16%

Smart Price Rice Pudding 400g Tin – From 20p to 23p, an increase of 15%

Smart price sliced carrots in 300g tin – 20p to 23p, increase of 15%

Smart price sausage, mash and gravy 400g ready meal – £1.20 up to £1.35, rise of 12.5%

Smart price tomato soup 400g Tin – From 24p to 27, up to 12.5%

Smart price gravy Granules 200g – 25p to 28p, an increase of 12%

Smart price golden vegetable savoury Rice 120g – 25p to 28p, an increase of 12%

Smart price beef lasagne 400g ready meal – £1.2 up to £1.34, rise of 11.7%

Smart price fine cut orange marmalade 450g – 27p to 30p, an 11.1% increase

Smart price chicken curry and rice 400g ready meal – £1.20 up to £1.33, rise of 10.8%

Smart price strawberry jam 454g, 28p to 31p, an increase of 10.7%

Smart price past forms 500g – 29p to 32p, an increase of 10.3%

Smart price stewed steak 392g tin – £1.59 up to £1.75, rise of 10.1%

Smart price ready to serve custard 385g, 30p to 33p, an increase of 10%

Smart price peach slices in light syrup 411g can – 31p to 34p, an increase of 9.7%

Smart price potatoes in water 550g Tin – 33p upto 36p, an 8.1% increase

Smart price chicken roll 400g – £1.10 up to £1.20, rise of 9.1%

Smart price cottage pie 400g ready meal – £1.20 up to £1.30, rise of 8.3%

Smart price fish pie 400g ready meal – £1.20 up to £1.30, rise of 8.3%

Smart price baked beans in tomato sauce and sausages in baked beans 405g tin 39p to 42p, an increase of 7.7%

Smart price lard 250g: 39p to 42p, an increase of 7.7%

Smart Price Mayonnaise 500g – 41p to 44p, an increase of 7.3%

Smart price skimmed milk 1L with a long shelf life – from 55p to as high as 59p. This is an 8.3% increase.

Farm store mixed peppers pack 3 – 92p to 98p. An increase of 6.5%

Smart price cooked ham slices 400g – £1.59 up to £1.69, rise of 6.3%

Smart price wafer thin cooked ham slices 400g – £1.59 up to £1.69, rise of 6.3%

Farm stores plum 400g – 59p to 62p, a 5.1% increase

Smart price clear honey, 340g – from 69p to 72p, an increase of 4.3%

Cherry tomaties 250g from farm stores – 48p to 50p, an increase of 4.2%

Smart price Wheat Bisks 24x18g – From 74p to up to 77p, increase of 4.1%

Slices of smart price pork luncheon meat 250g – from 79p to 82p, an increase of 3.8%

Farm stores 8 pork sausages 454g, 83p up 86p. This is an increase of 3.6%

Smart price frozen chips 1.5kg – 90p to 93p, an increase of 3.3%

Farm stores seedless grapes 500g – £1.06 up to £1.09, rise of 2.8%

Smart price refuse sacks 75 litres – £1.07 up to £1.10, rise of 2.8%


Stamford Street lasagne ready meal 300g – £1 up to £1.25, rise of 25%

Stamford Street cottage pie 300g ready meal – £1 up to £1.25, rise of 25%

Stamford Street fish pie 300g ready meal – £1 up to £1.25, rise of 25%

Stamford Street macaroni cheese 300g ready meal – £1 up to £1.25, rise of 25%

Lovett’s madeira sponge cake 895g – £3.49 up to £3.99, rise of 14.3%

Hubbard’s foodstore mixed fruit 500g, £1.10 up to £1.25, rise of 13.6%

Hubbard’s foodstore chicken soup Tin 400g – 40p to 45p. This is a 12.5% increase (was 31p as of 20/01/).

Hubbard’s foodstore vegetable tin 400g – 40p to 45p, increase of 12.5%

J. James and family frozen cooked and peeled coldwater prawns 250g – £2.50 up to £2.75, rise of 10%

J. James and family British cooked chicken slices 12 pieces 300g – £1.45 up to £1.59, rise of 9.7%

Hubbard’s foodstore Custard 385g Tin 32p to 35p, a rise of 9.4%

J. James and family British breaded cooked ham slices x 12, 300g – £1.49 up to £1.59, rise of 6.7%

J. James and family cooked ham slices x 12 300g – £1.49 up to £1.59, rise of 6.7% (previously £1.39, as of 20 January)

J. James and his family British breaded ham slices x 5, 120g, 60p to 64p, an increase of 6.7%

J. James and Family British Cooked Ham Slices x 5 120g – 60p p. to 64p. This is a 6.7% increase (was 56p as at 20 January).

Lovett’s apple pie dessert 550g – £1.50 up to £1.60, rise of 6.7%

Just Snax Tortilla Chips Basic 200g – From 45p to 48p, an increase of 6.7%

J. James and family British cooked ham slices 400g – £1.99 up to £2.12, rise of 6.5% (was previously £1.85, as of 20 January)

J. James free range eggs mixed weight x 10, £1.19 up to £1.26, rise of 5.9%

Mary Ann’s dairy red leicester cheese 600g – £2.69 up to £2.84, rise of 5.6%


Eastman’s chicken and bacon paste 400g – 99p up to £1.29, rise of 30.3%

Grower’s harvest pure apple juice 2 litre – £1.09 up to £1.35, rise of 23.9%

Grower’s harvest orange juice smooth 2 litre – £1.09 up to £1.35, rise of 23.9%

Hearty food co frozen potato croquettes 700g, 61p up 73p. This is an increase of 19.7%

Ms Molly’s chocolate cake – £3.49 up to £3.99, rise of 14.3%

Ms Molly’s madeira cake – £3.49 up to £3.99, rise of 14.3%

Stockwell and Co Soft Spread 500g – 75p to 85p, an increase of 13.3%

Creamfields greek-style natural yoghurt 500g – 49p to 55p, an increase of 12.2%

Eastman’s coleslaw 500g: 66p to up to 74p. This is an 11.1% increase

Suntrail farms kiwi 6 Pack – 67p to 75p, an 11.9% increase

Creamfields French Brie 200g – 85p to 95p, an 11.8% increase

8 chewy caramel wafer cookies from Ms Molly 224g – 85p – 95p, an increase of 11.8%

Redmere farms green beans 220g- 69p to 77p, an 11.6% increase

Eastman’s minced beef & onion pasty 150g – 37p to 41p, an increase of 10.8%

Stockwell and Company instant coffee 100g 75p up to 85p, an increase of 10.7%

Hearty food co chicken tikka masala and pilau rice 450g ready meal – £1.99 up to £2.19, rise of 10.1%

Hearty food co cottage pie 450g ready meal – £1.99 up to £2.19, rise of 10.1%

Stockwell and Co Plain Flour 1.5kg – From 45p to 49p, an 8.9% increase

Stockwell and co self-rising flour 1.5kg – 45p to 49p, an 8.9% increase

Delicious hearty chicken curry with rice and frozen ready meals 400g – 69p to $75p, an 8.7% increase

Sweet and sour chicken 400g frozen ready meals – 69p to 75p

Delicious frozen ready meals – hearty food co spaghetti Bolognese 400g frozen ready meal, 69p to 75p, an 8.7% increase

Willow farm chicken drumsticks 900g-1.2kg – £1.73 up to £1.88, rise of 8.7%

Hearty food co two garlic chicken kievs 260g – £1.65 up to £1.79, rise of 8.5%

Willow farm chicken thighs 99g-1.2kg – £1.94 up to £2.09, rise of 7.7%

Hearty food co spinach and ricotta tortelloni 250g – £1.04 up to £1.12, up to 7.7%

H.W. Nevills 8 plain taco wraps – 79p – 85p, an increase 7.6%

Celery from Nightingale farms – From 43p to 46p, an increase of 7%

Nightingale farms peppers, 375g – from 89p to 95p – 6.7%

Eastman’s cooked ham 30 slices 400g – £1.59 up to £1.69, rise of 6.3%

Eastman’s wafer thin cooked ham 400g – £1.59 up to £1.69, rise of 6.3%

Stockwell and co chicken curry 392g tin – £1.19 up to £1.26, rise of 5.9%

Creamfields lighter mature cheese 400g – £1.79 up to £1.89, rise of 5.6%

Creamfields mature white cheddar 400g – £1.79 up to £1.89, rise of 5.6%

Creamfields medium white cheddar 400g – £1.79 p to £1.89, rise of 5.6%

Creamfields mild white cheddar 400g – £1.79 up to £1.89, rise of 5.6%

Creamfields red leicester 400g – £1.79 up to £1.89, rise of 5.6%

Redmere farms red onions 1kg – 67p to 70p, an increase of 4.5%

Willow farm chicken breast portions 990g-1.2kg – £5.45 up to £5.66, rise of 3.9%

Woodside farms eight pork sausages 454g 80p up to83p, an increase of 3.7%

Redmere farms Courgettes 350g – From 81p to 83p, an increase of 2.5%

Stockwell and co tomato sauce 540g – 51p – 52p, an increase by 2%


Long life skimmed milk by Savers 1 litre – 50p to 55p. This is an increase of 10%


Everyday essentials pizza and cheese 114g – from 49p to 55p. This is an increase of 12.2%

All day essentials light salted tortilla chips 200g – 45p to 48p, an increase of 6.7%

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