Prime Locations for the Next Reality TV Hit


When it comes to reality television, location isn’t everything. In fact, some of the top shows have interchanged exotic and mundane settings to complement the drama-heavy antics playing out on screen. For example, The Simple Life relied on its rural farmhouses to juxtapose the show’s Hollywood starlets, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie.

Meanwhile, other shows may opt for a pretty background to help relax their subjects. This is the case in love competitions across the board, from Love Island to The Bachelor. And, other times, setting is the crux of the show, challenging participants in Naked and Afraid to survive the wilderness. Or, in the case of Guy’s Grocery Games, to find the best ingredients in a busy store with the clock running down.

So, while location isn’t everything, it’s certainly important. Just look at the success of Below Deck, which is largely due to the intrigue and dynamics behind closed doors on super-yachts that cost millions. With networks searching for the next big hit and with new shows debuting each year, it might seem like reality TV’s only option is to keep getting crazier.

However, there are many settings that pop culture fans would love to see serve as the backdrop for the next big reality show. Keep reading for the four most exciting possibilities. 


There are few places as riveting as the casino floor. Not only is it a place to put critical thinking skills to the test, but it also has an exciting atmosphere. In fact, casino gaming has become so popular that gamers can now take their favorite titles with them on the go. Whether looking to play a slot like Sweet Bonanza or simply learn more about the break down of its features, the best casino apps are available straight from a smartphone.

Still, that doesn’t mean casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City, or another locale wouldn’t be fit for a reality TV show. In fact, films like Ocean’s 11 and Rain Man have drawn on the intrigue of the casino. Still, there would be many barriers to this type of subject, as casinos have high-security protocols to ensure the integrity of all participants. In other words, no cameras allowed.

Haunted Locations

In the last twenty years, some of the most successful reality TV shows have covered the world’s most haunted locations. The Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, for example, is now on its fifteenth season. The show has built a cult following—which includes the likes of rapper Post Malone. 

Filming a reality TV show at a haunted location would come down to the comfort level of participants. In shows like Ghost Adventures, the hosts are passionate about connecting with the spirit world—and have plenty of tech behind them to do so. Rather than hunt a ghost, in a reality show participants would simply be living beside them. Like MTV’s Real World… except with ghosts.

eSports Tournaments

Netflix’s Drive to Survive series helped introduce thousands of sports fans to Formula One. Since then, the racing series has broadened its fan base—all with the help of a camera crew. And while Drive to Survive is a docudrama, it’s relatively light on the drama. A similar approach – which has been attempted before – could prove highly popular for growing eSports tournaments.

Similar to Formula One, many people know about the industry without actually having a deep understanding of the dynamics behind the scenes. A reality TV show that highlights the interpersonal and professional struggles of the world’s top gamers wouldn’t just be investigatory and satisfying for documentary fans, but would entail all the highs and lows that come with any professional sport.

The International Space Station

Pitching a reality TV show based in a casino would be a tough sell that would take years of partnership with an existing casino brand. Pitching a reality TV show that takes participants to the International Space Station, or another accessible orbiting station, would be outright unfeasible. Still, with the number of recreational space trips increasing, it’s not totally impossible.

Space might be the final frontier for reality TV. Could there be a remix of The Circle that challenges participants to become the most popular and influential astronauts? What about a 90 Day Fiancé that asks newlyweds to spend their honeymoon in outer space? 

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