Prince Andrew settles $8.9 million debt as legal bills grow


Prince AndrewHis financial affairs are in order, ahead of the alleged sex abuse case. The prince settled a £6.6 million debt ($8.9 million) with a former friend who sold her chalet to Andrew and then-wife Sarah Ferguson

Prince Andrew sues a former friend for unpaid debts

Isabelle de Rouvre, a French socialite, sold her Swiss ski chalet to Andrew and Ferguson in 2014 for £18 million. Both parties agreed to pay in installments. However, de Rouvre claims she never received the final installment: £5 million. 

De Rouvre agreed on a deferred payments and expected the final installment by December 2019. Interest will accrue. Andrew and Ferguson didn’t pay, despite numerous demands. De Rouvre was forced to take them to trial. 

The legal battle, which played out in Swiss courts, started two years ago in an attempt to get the final £5 million. Andrew finally paid the final PS5 million late last year. De Rouvre said, “The war is over. He has paid the money.”

A friend of de Raouvre said itThe court case was very difficult for the socialite. “It has been hugely stressful for Isabelle. She sold the chalet in good faith. She thought they were friends. But it all went bad. It has been upsetting and stressful. She should not have been dragged into all this. It’s a relief for her that the Yorks have now paid and she can sever ties.”

Will he sell the Chalet to pay legal bills?

Many are curious about where and how to get there. How the prince obtained the moneyAndrew now has the option to sell his chalet, as others have noticed. The money he would receive from the sale would likely be used to pay his legal expenses. It’s rumored the prince has already found a buyer and is finalizing the sale now. 

Ferguson and their daughters Princess Beatrice (and Princess Eugenie) were seen in Verbier over the holiday. It is possible that this was their last chance to visit their vacation home before it is sold. 

Now that the legal dispute has been settled, the prince can focus his attention on the ongoing sexual abuse case. Virginia Roberts Giuffre alleges that the prince sex with her three more times after she was abused by Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew has denied these allegations repeatedly. Many wonder if Andrew has ever denied the allegations. He will be exiled from public life by the royal familyHis court date is near.