Prince Andrew’s Attorneys Make Bombshell Claim Amid Sexual Assault Lawsuit


Prince AndrewStands accused of sexual assault Virginia Giuffre. He’s currently considered to be disgraced and has refused to cooperate with American authorities. Guiffre is being made to face these wild accusations by her lawyers in an attempt to counter the federal suit.

Prince Andrew’s Ugly Court Case Gets Even Uglier

Andrew is facing charges of rape against Giuffre. Andrew is accused of sexually assaulting her three times, one at Jeffrey Epstein’s behest. Andrew’s remained very quiet amid the allegations, and seldom even leaves his house. His family wants nothing to do with him, and he’ll probably never be able to return to royal duties. He is now living alone due to his connection with the pedophilia rings.

After avoiding This week, Andrew’s lawyers unveiled their defense against Andrew’s allegations. His lawyers filed a motion to dismiss and were accusing Giuffre of the same crimes Epstein stood accused of: they’re claiming she was in charge of a pedophilic prostitution ring.

An Alleged Queenpin

The legal filing says that Giuffre was “involved [in] the willful recruitment and trafficking of young girls for sexual abuse.”Giuffre’s ex-boyfriend said that “She’d have like nine or 10 girls she used to bring to [Andrew].”Giuffre was once asked by a friend of an ex-boyfriend. “any girls who are kind of slutty.” Why Andrew would remain silent about this until now is anyone’s guess.

The lawyers are clearly attempting to disparage Giuffre’s reputation with these claims. It’s worth noting that Andrew has been photographed with Giuffre and Ghislaine Maxwell, so he cannot deny not knowing these folks. If these ex-boyfriends are to be believed, then it’s implied that Andrew was still engaging in pedophilic acts, just with people under Giuffre’s charge. 

Andrew continues to deny any wrongdoing. Giuffre is also accused of seeking to deceive. “payday” at Andrew’s expense, and it cites a newspaper calling her a “money-hungry sex kitten.” It’s exceedingly unlikely that these accusations could get Andrew back in the good graces of his family.

This Could Backfire

British lawyers tell The GuardianThis gambit could be a winning one. It could lead to serious consequences. “The problem, of course, is that he’s now embarked on a route towards a case.” Andrew’s attempt to explain himself could invite courts to look into this when what he should really want is for the case to be dropped.”

The lawyer continued. “he wants to make clear that he’s not responsible but his only way of doing that is in the court hearing. And if he does that, he has to get into what he actually did with her.” 

Another solicitor shattered the story: “This looks like putting up a smokescreen to tarnish her [Giuffre’s] reputation but it has no legal relevance whatsoever. Whether or not she was complicit in assisting Epstein with his child abuse is neither here nor there when you consider the allegations against Prince Andrew.”

This is right on the money: it’s possible both Andrew and Giuffre are telling the truth here, and that wouldn’t change the severity of the accusations in the least. This is an ugly story that only gets worse every day.