Prince Charles Claims To Offer To Help Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Build A $100 Million Mansion If Them Move Back To The UK. Royal Gossip Says


Does it Prince CharlesYou want Prince Harry Meghan MarkleTo return to England? According to one tabloid, Charles offered the Sussexes a generous deal on one condition. Here’s what we know about the Prince of Wales’ latest olive branch.

Meghan Markle Planning To Build ‘$100M Palace In LA’?

The latest edition Neue Idea According to reports Meghan Markle will build a castle in Los Angeles. Despite only recently settling into their Montecito mansion, Markle recently told Prince Harry that she’s ready to sell up. “Harry was blindsided at her announcement,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “They have everything they could ever want on their estate, including a playground for the kids and a tennis court. He’s struggling to see why she’s unsatisfied.” While Markle doesn’t need Harry to be totally on board just yet, she may need some financial help from his family.

“This house won’t come cheap — the way Meghan’s talking, a new build on a prime plot could cost her upwards of $100 million,”Another tipster is available. “They might be earning well in the States, but that’s way out of their price range. For her to make this dream come true, they’re going to need Charles’ help.”However, the Prince of Wales may be more careful with his cash this time. “Charles is telling friends that the only way he would help them financially is if it was to ensure they make a move back to the UK,”Source concludes.

Prince Charles Warns The Sussexes ‘I Won’t Pay For This’?

There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, if Markle Harry haven’t even agreed on building this new home, how does Prince Charles know about it? And why would Prince Charles offer to pay for Harry and Markle’s new LA digs if he wants them to move back to the UK? Furthermore, how does the magazine know Markle’s, Harry’s, and Charles’ personal feelings on the matter? This story just doesn’t make any sense.

It’s obvious that the tabloid or its alleged “sources”This story is completely fake. It was clearly invented just to make Markle look bad, and we’re not buying it. Until any evidence arises to support this wild narrative, it’s safe to say the Sussexes don’t have any plans to build a palace — and Prince Charles certainly isn’t footing the bill for it.

The Tabloid About Prince Charles

It’s worth noting that Neue Idea Everywhere Prince Charles is involved, the magazine continues to mislead its readers. The magazine stated that Charles was in poor health and was suffering from frailty. Then the outlet alleged Charles told Kate Middleton that she’s ready to become queen. The tabloid reported that Prince Charles was dumped by Camilla Bowles. Obviously, Neue Idea isn’t reliable when it comes to the Prince of Wales.

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