Prince Charles Frail And Struggling With Faltering Health, Royal Gossip Claims


Is Prince Charles in poor health? One tabloid claims the stress of waiting to inherit the throne has taken a toll on the prince’s health. Here’s what we know about the Prince of Wales’ health crisis.

Prince Charles ‘Can’t Take Anymore’?

A recent edition of New Idea reports Prince Charles may not be well enough to take the throne when the time comes. According to the report, the stress of waiting to become king has had a serious effect on the Prince’s health. Fears for the 73-year-old royal only grew when the Prince “looked wobbly on his feet” on a recent trip to Egypt. “Charles is no spring chicken anymore. The global travel takes its toll on him — not to mention all the problems back at the palace,” an insider dishes.

Over the last few months, Queen Elizabeth’s health has taken a turn. She withdrew from multiple scheduled public appearances and even had a stint in the hospital. “Charles is worried sick about her and it’s a burden to him,” the tipster confides. “Charles is a sensitive man who has always taken things too seriously and personally, and it’s really starting to reflect on his health. It’s hard to imagine how he can possibly go on like this, with the workload taking its toll on Charles before his accession to the throne — something has to change.”

Prince Charles’ Health In Crisis After ‘Months Of Stress’?

This report is total speculation. Just because someone photographed Charles losing his balance, that doesn’t mean it is a persistent problem for the royal. And while we’re sure he’s worried about his mother’s health, there’s nothing to suggest his own is failing. Charles has always shouldered the weight of his duties without any issues, so there’s no reason to think that’s going to change any time soon.

This is yet another tabloid story calling into question Charles’ fitness for the throne. Given how long Charles has waited to become king, many magazines have cast doubt on whether or not he will ever take the throne. But according to all available evidence, Charles still plans to become king when the time comes. No amount of “wobbly” walking is going to change that.

The Tabloid On Prince Charles

We certainly wouldn’t trust anything Woman’s Day says about Prince Charles. Not long ago, the outlet reported Charles was “forced into hiding” after a “shock interrogation” about Princess Diana’s death. Then the magazine claimed Charles was secretly crowned king in a private coronation. And more recently, the publication alleged he told Queen Elizabeth that he no longer wants to be king. Clearly, Woman’s Day is far from reliable when it comes to the Prince of Wales.