Prince Charles is a big fan of his booze, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it


Nobody enjoys liquor like a British monarch. Prince CharlesHe is an example of this. His mother, however, is a perfect example. Queen ElizabethCharles, who recently had to restrict her alcohol intake in order to monitor her health, has enjoyed a few glasses of wine, beer, or harder spirits. Let’s look at all the best photos of the heir to the British throne wetting his whistle. 

Although it is difficult to work as a British royal family member, there are some great perks. Although family members have been subject to increased scrutiny as one of the most watched families worldwide, there are still some highlights. 

Traveling to various celebrations and imbibing in that location’s most famous alcoholic beverage is certainly a benefit. As the heir to the throne, Prince Charles takes full advantage of that, and we’ve got photos dating back nearly a decade to prove it.

Toast from My Royal Family to Yours

Prince Charles and Queen Sonja, both of Norway, share a toast at an official dinner that was held at Oslo’s Royal Palace in Norway in March 2012. Charles looks dashing in his black tux, and we’re happy to report that he hasn’t aged much over the last decade. Perhaps it’s because he enjoys a good glass of wine with good company.

Easy Sippin’ With The Heir To The Throne

You caught us, this isn’t an alcoholic drink, but how often do you get to see the heir to a monarchy sipping on a straw? Charles enjoys an Acai palm-berry smoothie on his London home turf. Our favorite thing about this image is the slightly worried looks of those in the background.

The Prince Of Wines

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles visited New Zealand and Australia on a 12-day tour in 2015. They made a stop in Nelson, New Zealand at the Mahana Winery. Charles’ face looks like our face when we’re offered a free glass of vino. “You’re telling me this is free?”

A Heady Bouquet

Are we able to be open with one another? This is what we see in our minds when we take a sip of wine. Unlike Charles, we have no clue what we’re smelling, but we want to look like we know what we’re doing. This photo was also taken during Charles and Parker Bowles’ 2015 tour to New Zealand.

Enjoy a Satisfying Sips

You know it’s a good beer when you have to take an up close look at the glass after your first sip. Back in his native England, Charles still had a bit of foam stuck to his lip after taking a sip of the pint of ale he’d just poured himself. He was visiting the Wadworth Brewery in March 2017, a business that is family owned and works closely with Charles’ Hub initiative.

The Joys Of Muddling One’s Own Mint

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles share a laugh while they mix mint and make mojitos on an official visit to Havana in March 2019. It was the first official visit of a member from the royal family to Cuba. The two seemed to be enjoying their time together. Based on the absolute delight on Charles’ face, this is also the first time he’s ever muddled his own mint and he’s completely chuffed over it.

This is The Cheeky Peak.

Prince Charles looks like a school boy who’s been caught with both hands full of cake in this photo taken in 2019 at the St. Austell Brewery. Charles always seems to go to a winery or brewery, no matter where he is. To be fair, we’d totally do the same thing. Just going to pop over to the brewery, dear, it’s a matter of royal business.

A firm, steady grip on the situation

Prince Charles holds onto his beer stein while visiting Glonn, southern Germany in May 2019. He and wife Parker Bowles were visiting an organic farm, but it’s Germany so they kept a pint ready for the visiting royalty.

So You’ve Found My Hideout, Mr. Bond

We can’t be the only one that hears the 007 theme song as we look at this photo of Prince Charles drinking a glass of during a visit to Tokyo, Japan in October 2019. Of course, in reality, Charles would likely be on the side of James Bond, but in our imagination, he’s just caught the famed MI6 agent in a trap and is about to start a monologue about how clever he is.

Pandemic Problems

The 2020 photo season saw a prolonged break due to obvious reasons. Like many others around the world, the coronavirus pandemic prevented the British royal family from participating in public events. The royal family was able, in 2021, to return out of public events using measures such as social distancing and masks, but they also suffered from common problems. Is there a way to gracefully remove a mask from your face so you can sip your beer? No, not for royalty.

Highly Anticipated Dram

Though COVID-19 restrictions limited much of the royal family’s travels in 2021, Prince Charles was able to get up to Scotland in July to officially open the Lerwick Harbour and Scalloway Fish Markets. Charles had a traditional dram whiskey before getting down to business. Nobody better get between him and that glass when he’s using that expression.

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