Prince Charles Kicking Prince Andrew Out Of Royal Housing Says Report


Is Prince Charles evicting his brother? Rumors abound that he may bar Prince Andrew from royal housing amid his disgraceful pedophilia scandal. Here’s what’s going on.

‘Rebuke of York’

According to the Sun, Charles is telling his brother to stay out of sight. As Andrew continues to fight legal proceedings across the pond, Charles is leaning toward forcing him out of his home after Queen Elizabeth stripped him of his royal duties. The heir apparent believes his brother misled him years ago in denying any connection to Jeffrey Epstein.

For now, Andrew’s been ordered to keep a low profile. Charles doesn’t want photos of Andrew smiling in his castle to make headlines. A source believes “Eventually Andrew will be made to leave Windsor and could get several million pounds from the Royal Family. But he has made it clear that he will hang on for dear life.

Should Andrew be forced out he’d likely remarry Sarah Ferguson, for they’ve remained close through it all. Meanwhile, the abandoned Windsor home would be given to Kate Middleton and Prince William. The Cambridges are eyeballing the Royal Lodge and want to raise their children locally.

Some Likely, Some Unlikely

Parts of this story feel more realistic than others. William and Middleton’s eldest son George is already 8, so he’s in school by now. The same goes for Charlotte at six. The family’s made a home out of Kensington Palace, so it’s unlikely that they’d drop what they have for a now-infamous Royal Lodge.

The same goes for Andrew and Ferguson getting remarried. The two continued to co-parent their now-grown daughters, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, and are now grandparents, but why would Andrew’s ousting automatically trigger a wedding? If this story’s internal logic is to be believed, he wouldn’t need money. Only Ferguson and Andrew would even know this plan and neither would talk to the Sun.

Could He Be Kicked Out?

It’s totally possible for Charles to oust Andrew from royal premises. He’s already been stripped of his titles and a litany of embarrassing headlines follow in his wake. If Andrew really is going to take the stand, it would behoove the royal family to put as much distance in as humanly possible.

If there’s any precedent for this sort of thing it would be the exile of King Edward VIII. Alleged Nazi sympathizer Edward famously chose to wed American divorcè Wallis Simpson and was forced to abdicate the throne as a result. The couple essentially got a big check to go live abroad until the end of their days. Andrew’s alleged crimes are more heinous than marrying a divorced American, but he could follow suit.

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