Prince Charles’ Secret Nickname For Meghan Markle Let Her Opinion Shine


It’s no secret that Meghan MarkleIt wasn’t an easy transition for her from commoner to queen. Even though it’s widely believed that she and the rest of the royal family don’t get along, a palace insider recently revealed the sweet nickname Prince CharlesHis daughter-in law was given. 

Prince Charles’ Sweet Nickname For His Daughter-In-Law

“Meghan Markle hasn’t had an easy time of it since joining the royal family,” royal commentator Christine-Marie Liwag Dixon explained. “Not only has the press hounded her relentlessly, but she has also said that she felt less than at home in the royal family.”

She continued: “The royal family may not have approved of Meghan and Harry stepping down as senior royals despite them doing so to escape an environment that was clearly not good for their mental health. However, it seems that Prince Charles had a lot of respect for Meghan’s resilient nature.”

Dixon pointed out an observation made in 2019 by Russell Meyers, a royal correspondent, where he claimed Charles calls his daughterin-law. “Tungsten”Because of her “tough and unbending” nature. 

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“Tungsten is the strongest naturally occurring metal on the planet,” Dixon explained. “That makes this a pretty neat compliment, all things considered.”Some might be surprised at Markle’s praises by the Prince Of Wales. However, the Royal Family fans know that Markle and the Prince are close. 

Charles and Meghan’s Relationship

Charles and Markle can often be seen talking during royal events. In fact, the prince walked the Duchess down the aisle for her 2018 wedding to Prince Harry when her father couldn’t attend. 

It was at the time: Mail on SundayEmily Andrews, Royal EditorThis is why it was so significant: “Charles is literally welcoming Meghan into the Royal Family in such a kind way. It’s [also] such a touching moment between father and son.” Anjula Muanda, a relationship psychotherapist, was also included in the weight.It is a statement that it “was a very important symbolic act in terms of optics. It said Meghan is now part of our royal family.” 

Even though relations between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the rest of the royals still seem to be tense, it’s clear that Charles is impressed by his daughter-in-law’s resilience and strength, no matter what gets thrown at her. 

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