Prince Charles Under the Rug with Patsy


Prince CharlesHe is currently involved in a bribery scam. One report says he’s not sweating it for he’s already selected another man to take the fall. Gossip Cop investigates.


Michael Fawcett (an ex-aide to Charles) is currently under investigation over allegedly selling royal titles at the highest price. According to his alleged communication with a billionaire Saudi, Fawcett funneled money through charities in exchange for a promise of a title royal. The investigation continues and the evidence is quite alarming. Charles claimed that he had no idea of what was happening under his nose. 

According to the National Enquirer, Fawcett’s scheme didn’t involve his boss. An insider says, “I’m sure the Prince of Wales didn’t even know what was going on.”Charles was just as blind as everyone else to it.

While Fawcett is the focus of the investigation, other sources seem a little more skeptical. According to one palace source, the Fawcett probe has been concluded. “just a setup to allow Charles… to distance himself from the entire affair.”Fawcett is not just happy “to fall on his sword to protect Charles. He gets his hands dirty so Charles can remain clean.” Members of the public are starting to doubt Charles’ innocent explanation.

What’s Going On With Prince Charles?

If these sources actually knew details about Charles’ involvement, then why didn’t this tabloid break the story? Think about it: These so-called sources are confident that Fawcett is a patsy, yet there wasn’t a peep about bribery until the investigation became public. It’s safe to say these insiders are strictly speculating and have no exclusive information.

The lion’s share of this story is spent reviewing the actual facts of the Fawcett case, but you wouldn’t know it from the title. “Charles’ Bribe Scandal Patsy!”The text is in huge letters above the article. This suggests that Charles deliberately created Fawcett. Many of the quotes in the report are not bold. They come from different sources and tell completely different stories.

You shouldn’t believe either source because you shouldn’t trust the InquireIt is. It never had any insight into Charles’ life. It claimed he banished Prince Harry to America and that he’s been passed over in favor of Prince William. These stories are not true.

Each Week, the Same Story

This is just one example of the many lofty hits this rag received after the Fawcett scandal. Gossip CopThis tabloid claimed Charles would be removed from the royals because of the scandal. It’s very telling that this story goes completely unmentioned in the patsy story. It was discovered that Charles had been hiding behind Fawcett a week later.

The InquireThis is just a repeat of itself. Tabloids are content to invent scandals and drama, so we’re not surprised that the InquireFawcett Probe to its maximum potential.

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