Prince George has inherited a bad habit from his Grandmother Princess Diana


Fans got to see the royal family in full force this weekend. Prince WilliamAnd Kate Middleton’s three children. Some viewers were able to spot a pattern. Prince George has—one that he shares with his late grandmother, Princess Diana

Prince George’s Nervous Habit

The royal family assembled on Buckingham Palace’s balcony for the first day celebration of the Platinum Jubilee. People around the world loved seeing their great-grandchildren waving at the crowds. Prince Louis stole the show, with his bored expressions and apparent boredom with the proceedings. But others were more interested in George. 

Prince George was a bit nervous while the rest smiled and waved to cheering family members. One point, Prince George started biting his fingernails. While this is a common trait across the globe, it’s something that many people share. However, the nervous tic makes for a more intimate connection. 

Too, Princess Diana Bit Her Nails Once

George isn’t the only member of the royal family who bites his nails. His grandmother Diana, who died in 2009, had the same habit. Sam McKnight, the long-time hairstylist for her, said that the princess had gotten rid of the habit in 1990 just before they met on a shoot for a cover. Vogue. “She had just stopped biting her nails and was so proud of how they looked,” McKnight’s memory

Diana has never spoken out publicly about her nail biting habits or how she got rid of it. one newspaper report claimedIn an attempt to stop gnawing her nails, the princess tried acupuncture. 

Early photos of Diana indicate that she did not wear nail varnish and kept her nails very short. Some photos even show her biting the nails. This includes one at a 1982 Polo match, where she was pregnant with Prince William. Diana was seen wearing brightly colored nails with French manicures and even a few bitten nails in the years following her stop biting them. 

With the stresses of royal life and the dissolution of her marriage, it’s no surprise that Princess Diana would feel the need to outwardly express the nerves she felt in nerve-wracking situations. Although she didn’t get to meet her grandson, many people found it touching that Diana was able to share this trait with George.

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