Prince George’s cute nickname for Kate Middleton spotted by lip-reading expert


Prince George, his younger brother Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte have taken the stage in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee’s first carriage debut.

Together with their mother Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cornwall), the young royals rode in the carriage in procession.

This celebration marks 70 years since the Queen took the throne in 1970, when she became the first monarch to be honored with a Platinum Jubilee.

The eight-year old waves at the crowd as she heads down to the Mall after making the short trip from Buckingham Palace to see the Horse Guard Parade.

Prince George joined his siblings, Louis and Charlotte, to Horse Guards Parade along with Kate Middleton and Camilla
Prince George joined his siblings Louis, Charlotte and Camilla to Horse Guards Parade with Kate Middleton & Camilla

Lip-reading expert Jeremy Freeman spotted him calling his mom an adorable nickname when he turns to address Kate.

According to Jeremy George adjusts the position of his carriage seat and says: “Momma.”

Louis, Louis’ younger brother, is seen as well. “slapped down”Charlotte, his sister, appears to have told him to stop waving.

Louis is seen wearing the same outfit that Prince William wore in 1985 at Trooping the Colour.

During the short ride, Prince George is spotted calling Kate 'momma'
During the short ride Prince George can be seen calling Kate “momma”.

In a touching tribute to William, the four-year old puts on a navy and sailor-inspired outfit with white stripes in her adorable look.

Charlotte is seen in a cornflower Blue dress with a blue ribbon and braided hair.

Later, they are seen with the Queen on Buckingham Palace’s balcony watching the Royal Air Force flypast.

Mum-of-three Kate Middleton dazzled in a white Alexander McQueen blazer dress
Kate Middleton, a mother-of-three, looked stunning in an Alexander McQueen blazer gown

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The Monarch, 96, stepped out from the famous balcony with his cousin, the Duke, and son Prince Charles, and daughter Princess Anne, and Camilla. Kate and William led their children to the well-wishers.

Although it was confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not be appearing on the balcony, the Sussexes were photographed with their nephews and nieces during the Horse Guard parade.

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