Prince Harry Allegedly Begged Prince William And Kate Middleton For Forgiveness, Royal Rumor Claimed


Is Prince Harry planning to return to the UK without Meghan Markle? Twelve months ago, one tabloid claimed the Duke of Sussex was begging Prince William and Kate Middleton to welcome him back into the royal fold. A lot can change in a year, so we’re taking another look at the rumor.

Prince Harry Trapped In His Marriage To Meghan Markle?

Around this time last year, Woman’s Day reported Prince Harry was feeling “lonely and isolated” after moving to California, and homesickness was driving him and Meghan Markle apart. “[Harry] is desperate to return to the UK, without his wife, Duchess Meghan, in tow,” an insider spilled to the tabloid. And as much as Harry wanted his move to the United States to work out, the source said, he just never quite fit in. “[He’s been] struggling to find his feet among [Markle’s] Hollywood circles. Sources say he misses his British friends, but most of all, his brother.”

But going back to how things were before was going to be difficult. “Harry still has a chip on his shoulder about his family and how things were left when he departed,” a tipster divulged. But Kate Middleton wanted to help, and she was pushing Prince William to step up as well. “She’s been hearing how unhappy Harry is in America,” the snitch whispered. “She has been encouraging William and Harry to sort out their differences.”

What Happened To Prince Harry’s Travel Plans?

If Harry ever planned to return to the UK, clearly something went awry. In the last year, Harry has made a couple of trips to the UK — first for Prince Phillip’s funeral in April, then for the Princess Diana memorial in July — but both visits only lasted a few days. It didn’t look like either visit had anything to do with his alleged desire to leave Markle. And time only proved how misguided this notion was.

Less than a month after this report was published, Harry and Markle announced that they were expecting their second child together. Then, that March, the Sussexes sat down for their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey — making it clear that they had no plans to return to royal life. And as time marched on, the couple established more business ties in the States, welcomed a baby girl to the world, and settled in even further to their California digs. So, obviously, Prince Harry was never asking his brother to save him from his life with Meghan Markle.

The Tabloid On Prince Harry

Unsurprisingly, Woman’s Day’s reporting on the Duke of Sussex hasn’t improved since publishing this article. In July, the outlet claimed Harry planned to flee back to Frogmore Cottage to get away from Markle. Then the magazine reported Harry was begging the Cambridges to help him stop Markle. And more recently, the publication alleged Harry was ignoring Prince Charles’ attempts to apologize to him. Clearly, Woman’s Day doesn’t have any insights into Prince Harry’s personal life.

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