Prince Harry allegedly begged Queen Elizabeth to allow him to rejoin the Royal Family and return to the UK


Does itPrince Harry Do you plan to return to the royal family? Rumours suggest that the Duke is asking his family to allow him to return home to the UK. Let’s take a look at the rumors.

Prince Harry Offers To Take on Royal Duties

Last fall, OK! Reports say Prince Harry became worried after hearing Queen Elizabeth was being admitted to the hospital. And it seems that the Duke of Sussex wanted the Holidays to be with Queen Elizabeth, but it was difficult to get Meghan Markle on board. “Meghan once said she would never set foot in the UK again after how she was treated by The Firm,”Insiders dished. Harry wasn’t budging, and he apparently even told his family he’d on some royal duties in Her Majesty’s absence.

But Prince Harry didn’t spend the holidays in the UK. Although we thought it unlikely, time has only proven how absurd this report was. Queen Elizabeth was back on her feet not long after this report was published, and Harry spent his daughter’s first Christmas with Meghan Markle in California — as he likely always intended to do.

Prince Harry Wants To Return To The UK

Then, National Enquirer Harry claimed that he was unhappy living in California. “Harry’s apparently found the grass isn’t greener across the Atlantic,”A tipster is trusted. “He wants to rejoin the royal fold.”It was not easy for his family to accept the idea of returning to the UK. “The ultimate decision rests with Her Majesty — and he knows she’s furious at him for heaping scandal and scorn on the family,”The source was leaking.

Of course, we weren’t buying this story either. First of all, the duke’s recent pleas for police protection in the UK are a pretty clear indicator that he isn’t trying to rejoin the royal fold. If he had any intention of just picking back up his royal duties, the matter of security wouldn’t be an issue. Additionally, the Sussexes are still making business deals with the United States. We’re sure that even if they wanted to move back across the Atlantic, it wouldn’t be such a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Queen Elizabeth Opens Her Arms

Finally, Woman’s Day Although Prince Harry may not be asking for a return home, Queen Elizabeth wanted to ensure that the door was open. Apparently, the queen summoned Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles for a secret meeting to discuss Harry’s future with the royals. “At their summit, no one tiptoed around the serious issues, especially when it came to Prince Harry,”An insider whispered. “They privately feel Meghan is their biggest obstacle to achieving family unity. The queen made them promise they would always welcome Harry back with open arms.”

But we weren’t convinced of this outlet’s story either. First of all, the magazine’s tale of a “secret meeting”It was a red flag that this tabloid torpe was unverifiable. It was even more unlikely because the queen was in quarantine after being exposed COVID-19 at time of publication.

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