Prince Harry Allegedly Begging The Royal Family To Let Him Rejoin, Help Dealing With Meghan Markle, Rumors Say


Is Prince Harry turning to his royal family members for help? If we’re to believe the rumors, Harry is starting to have regrets about leaving royal life with Meghan Markle. Here’s the latest gossip from the tabloids.

Prince Harry Offered To Return To Royal Life?

Back in November, OK! reported Prince Harry was beside himself with worry after hearing about Queen Elizabeth’s recent health struggles. As concern grew, he was determined to visit the UK to be close to her over the holidays. But it wasn’t looking like he’d get Meghan Markle to go with him. “Meghan once said she would never set foot in the UK again after how she was treated by The Firm,” an insider confided. Apparently, Harry even offered to take on some royal duties in Her Majesty’s absence.

But this seemed like an unlikely story from the get-go. While the thought of Harry visiting the queen for the holidays doesn’t seem that outlandish on the surface, we found it hard to believe he’d drop everything and fly to the UK on a moment’s notice to spend his daughter’s very first Christmas away from her. And time only confirmed this, since Harry didn’t end up flying to the UK. And as his recent pleas for police protection in the UK have revealed, the logistics of a UK visit are even more complicated than we previously thought.

Prince Harry Begging For Cambridges’ Help To Stop Meghan Markle?

Then, Woman’s Day reported Harry was in contact with Prince William and Kate Middleton to help solve the royal family’s latest crisis. While Harry thought he and Markle left the royal fold so they could live a more private life, Markle’s appearance on TheEllen DeGeneres Show was giving him pause. “When Meghan said she wanted privacy, he believed her. But they seem to be doing more public things than ever now they’re back in her homeland, and Harry’s starting to feel like a performing clown.” So, he turned to William and Middleton for their help stopping Markle from further embarrassing their family.

Of course, this story didn’t make any sense. Notably, Harry has recorded even more interviews than Markle. So, we seriously doubt he was upset with her for breaking their alleged vow of privacy. Furthermore, it was just ridiculous to suggest Harry would reach out to his brother for help instead of just talking to his wife. It was obvious that the magazine just wanted to villainize Markle for an innocent interview.

Prince Harry Begging Queen Elizabeth To Let Him Return To Royal Life?

Finally, the National Enquirer reported the Duke of Sussex realized that he wasn’t happy living in California with Meghan Markle, and he was desperate to come home. “Harry’s apparently found the grass isn’t greener across the Atlantic,” an insider dished. “He wants to rejoin the royal fold.” But convincing his family wasn’t going to be easy. “The ultimate decision rests with Her Majesty — and he knows she’s furious at him for heaping scandal and scorn on the family,” the tipster revealed.

But this story didn’t hold any water. First of all, his pleas for police protection in the UK are a pretty clear indicator that he isn’t rejoining the royal fold. If he was, he’d surely have his police protections reinstated as a working royal. Furthermore, there were valid reports that the Sussexes planned to move — but not to the UK. The couple was reportedly looking to relocate to a nearby Montecito property because over privacy concerns. So, clearly, the tabloid’s version of events seemed unlikely, at best.

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