Prince Harry Allegedly Refusing To Let Queen Elizabeth Read His Memoir Amid Her Health Downturn, Royal Rumor Says


Is Queen Elizabeth disowning Prince Harry? One report says Harry’s refusal to allow his grandmother a chance to read his memoir could lead him out of his own family. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Harry Says ‘No!’ To The Queen’

Per In Touch, Harry’s been hard at work writing his memoir. The autobiography promises unparalleled insight into Harry’s childhood, marriage, and military service. A source says, “He knows everyone is anxious to read it.”

One anxious party is his grandmother, Elizabeth. She’s already fought with Harry over what the book may contain, a source says. “He promised to show her the final draft i order to get her stamp of approval before it’s published” the insider explains, “but when she called and asked him to send her a copy, he refused.”

Elizabeth is apparently squarely focused on her Platinum Jubilee and doesn’t want anything to tarnish her event. Harry, on the other hand, is reportedly trying to convince Elizabeth that allowing her to read his memoir would break the deal with his publishing company, but she’s not a fool.

Royal insiders say, “There are fears he’ll go on a royal character assassination spree.” Harry pointedly never revealed which royal questioned the skin color of his then-unborn son, so that’s some potential juicy drama there alone. One source concludes, “If he betrays the monarchy in his book… she might just disown him for good.”

Bigger Issues To Worry About

This story is an example of how print media can be dangerous. By the time In Touch published its story, the world had stopped caring about Harry’s memoir. No details have been released about it. Instead, everyone’s worried about Queen Elizabeth’s ongoing battle with COVID-19. Some sites believe she may already be dead.

With this terrible diagnosis very much public knowledge, Gossip Cop seriously doubts that either Elizabeth or Harry care at all about his memoir. Her health is far more important. That being said, we’ll also point out that this story is nothing more than baseless speculation on everything Harry could talk about. Tell-all stories are a dime a dozen because it frees the tabloid up to really ratchet its speculation.

We got a pretty good idea about what Harry is willing to talk about from his sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey, so you probably shouldn’t expect anything more inflammatory than that.

Harry At War

In Touch regularly stokes feuds involving Prince Harry. Just a few months ago, it announced Harry was no longer speaking to Meghan Markle. Obviously, that was completely false. Gossip Cop also busted its story about the palace bracing for a nightmare visit from Markle. She’s yet to return to English soil, so that never happened either.

Lest we forget that 2020 saw this tabloid crown Prince William king. Elizabeth is still the reigning monarch, so that was obviously bogus as well. This outlet simply doesn’t have a clue when it comes to royal issues.

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