Prince Harry Allegedly Set for Showdown With Charles over Camilla Parker Bowles. Unverified Report Claims


Is it? Prince HarryAre you ready to take on the world? One report says he’s preparing for a no holds barred showdown with Prince Charles. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Harry Goes Too Far!’

Per Woman’s Day, Harry’s upcoming memoir is going to name names and cause drama. Camilla Parker Bowes will be especially drawn through the mud, according to sources. According to sources, Bowles has been in panic mode regarding what the memoir might contain. “People seem to be accepting of the recent announcement that she will be their queen, but Harry unleashing 30 years of pent-up fury with a heavy bias towards his mother could break her,”According to a source.

Charles is said to be so cold towards his son because of the rivalry between Bowles & Harry. He’s refused to give Harry an inch all because he wants to stick by his wife’s side, the source concludes, saying, “There will be considerable hell to pay from Charles”Bowles should Harry be chosen.

Are They Going Off or Not?

This entire story is built on supposed insider knowledge of Harry’s memoir. This is impossible: Only Harry and maybe his literary agent would know what’s in the book at the moment, and neither would dare break an NDA to talk to Women’s DayYou can find it everywhere. Harry hasn’t acknowledged Bowles’ upcoming title, but he’s also got no social media. Since leaving the royal family, Harry’s not commenting on any royal news whatsoever.

This story should be discarded as speculation. This article is full of words such as “if”Harry talks about Harry’s experiences and what he has to say. Might say. The tabloid is pretending to have real information, but it doesn’t have a leg to stand on. We’ve already debunked this exact rumor about Harry and his step-mother numerous times, but there’s nothing to it.

Similar Royal Shockers

Woman’s DayEach week there is another bogus Harry story. It was once reported that Harry, Harry, was ordered to return to the UK by Queen Elizabeth. This clearly did not take place. Also, it was reported that Charles ordered Harry to divorce. There were many orders, but nothing ever happened. It doesn’t look like Harry and Charles are even on speaking terms at the moment.

There’s no proof Elizabeth was outraged at Harry for naming his daughter Lilibet Diana. Magazines sell royal drama, but Gossip CopYou can see right through this facade. Charles and Harry may not be on the best terms. He might even be writing a cruel, direct tell-all about Bowles. This would be radically out of character for him, but there’d still be no way Women’s DayYou might be able to find out more.